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Lessons I Learned After Throwing My First Dance Music Event and Party

24 August 2022

IG: @ope_collective Contents Assemble The “Right Kind” Of Team Building Your Local Audience By Networking More Choosing The Right Venue Is Critical Time It Right And Don’t Step On Toes Be Detailed In Your Promotional Rollout Be Ready for Adversity Respect Your Venue! Bockoven is an electronic producer and DJ in Columbus, Ohio, who recently […]

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How Reinventing Your Brand Can Define Your Career In the Music Industry As An Artist or Producer

28 July 2022

Contents Marketing Yourself As A Musician Is Essential Build a Team of Like-Minded People to Help Be Consistent With Your Content  Capitalize on Every Opportunity Always Be Ready To Adapt Reinventing yourself is essential in an industry that prioritizes constant trends to survive. For many artists, being able to adapt and change the tactics that […]

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Point Blank Presents “Music Futures” Careers Festival at fabric: Livestream

19 May 2022

The event, which took place on May 18th from 11 am – 4 pm, saw music and education giants give Point Blank’s past, current and future students the best advice on how to progress their careers and step inside the music industry. During the event, there were stands from key players in the industry including […]

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