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Music Marketing

5 Submithub Alternatives To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists And Music Blogs

26 October 2022

Music promotional is essential if you ever want to get out of the garage and catch attention from the masses Contents LISTN.LIVE INDIE MUSIC ACADEMY PARTNERED PROJECTS GROOVER BOOST COLLECTIVE Every day there seem to be more and more ways for artists to promote their music. It can be hard to know who to trust […]

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Five Creative Strategies Producers Can Use To Market Themselves Outside Of Social Media

8 September 2022

Artists and producers are often told that growing their TikTok, Instagram, and other social media accounts is the surefire way to break your career as an independent musician. And while that certainly is true, they are by no means the end-all-be-all of music marketing for more minor, undiscovered talent.  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website Every […]

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7 Alternatives To Playlist Push: Our Top Choices For Spotify Playlist Promotion

22 August 2022

Contents Can I Get My Music Promoted On Spotify For Free? Partnered Projects Indie Music Academy Submit Hub Boost Collective Pitch Playlist Groover Omarimc Music promo is a fickle business. You want your fans to discover new music that you release but the best way to make that goal happen isn’t always straightforward. There seem […]

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How Artists Can Use NFT Roadmaps To Grow Their Fanbase Fast

21 July 2022

What is a NFT Roadmap? An NFT Roadmap is the big picture plan for an NFT project or a NFT drop. The NFT Roadmap signals to the fan community what is being planned for the artist’s drop. Let’s Break Down More About NFT Roadmaps It is a communication tool to publicly tell fans why they […]

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Spotlight: Kwettr – Online Marketing Platform For Music Industry

29 March 2021

Kwettr Kwetrr Kwettr, a boutique marketing agency, now expands its platform to add a DIY music marketing service. The platform will enable artists and record labels to grow their fanbase and revenue. Founded by Bas Kruijssen (New Media & Marketing Manager Black Hole Recordings) and Arny Bink (co-founder Black Hole Recordings), the company has its […]

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