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Best Plugins For Bass House Production: BIJOU Shares His Favorite Studio Weapons

25 October 2022

Contents Stream BIJOU’s Latest Single Below Nectar 3 Sylenth  Vacuum Pro Little Alterboy Pumper 3  Neoverb Producing bass house music is all about maximizing the impact of just a few dope elements in your track. And while it might seem like this compositional simplicity in many of the bass house tracks being released means that […]

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The New Bible Of Free Vital Presets: The Only List Of Free Presets For Vital That You Need

24 October 2022

Vital is a synth that isn’t necessarily new to the market but has been slowly gaining popularity over the past year. The main reason why it’s slowly but surely working its way to replace more popular, paid synths, such as Serum, is because it’s free to use! Well, at least sort of. The VItal VST […]

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Free Saturators: Here Are The Best Free Saturation Plugins and Distortion VSTs You Can Snag In 2022

4 August 2022

Saturation adds warmth to an otherwise sterile and bland backdrop In the day and age when everyone is making electronic music in the box (AKA in their laptop), making your music sound like it wasn’t is the gold standard of what constitutes a professional sound. So how do achieve this level of ‘professional sound’ in […]

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The Complete Bible of Free Serum Presets For Music Production In 2022 (7k+ Free Sounds)

29 July 2022

Contents What Producers Use XFer Records Serum Best Presets For Serum Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Bass Music Top Serum Presets For Trance, Progressive, and Melodic House Best Serum Presets For Techno, Tech House, and Bass House Music Best Free Serum Presets For Chillstep, Vaporwave, Lo-Fi, and Future Bass Honorable Mentions Are Serum Presets Royalty […]

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AI Mastering: Is Online Mastering Any Good Though?

27 June 2022

Contents What Is More Important, Mixing Or Mastering? What Qualities Make Up A Great Mastering Engineer? How Is AI Mastering Different Than Real Mastering? What Are The Benefits Of AI Mastering? Is AI Mastering Worth It? There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more advanced. But is it really any […]

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Toolroom Academy’s INFINITE: “One” Knob To Rule Them All

22 June 2022

In a world where you need all of it now, Toolroom’s team delivered. Toolroom Academy, founded by Mark Knight, has launched its first plugin, and it is sent from above. Welcome Toolroom Academy’s INFINITE. A simple, yet complex, music production one-knob plug-in that holds it weight and comes bundled with 40 presets. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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6 Soft Synths That Will Change Your Game and Add Magic To Your Music

14 April 2022

The excitement around soft synths and their relationship to software development these days is palpable.  While entire worlds are being built out in the metaverse, audio plugin developers are in a race to outshine each other with incredible tools for modern day producers and sound designers. And while your DAW likely has at least one […]

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How It Was Made: Zeds Dead + Blunts & Blondes – “When I Think of You”

13 April 2022

Zeds Dead and Blunts & Blondes have always been an obvious match made in heaven, it was only a question of when.  Well the wait is over and the answer is now with Zeds Dead and Blunts & Blondes’ latest collab track titled “When I Think of You,” which you can check out below.  Making Music Like […]

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