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How Musicians Can Break Down Barriers and Push Their Careers To The Next Level

20 September 2022

What red flags do you see in yourself that may prevent you from taking that step? Every musician, producer, and creative individual reaches a point in their career where they want to abandon it all and pursue a more standard occupation. And what’s sad is that the majority of these people actually do give up […]

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Mindset Is Everything: Small Hacks That Unlock Big Ideas For Artists

28 July 2022

Locked in and ready, the artist has mastered the art of a focused mindset Contents What is a Mindset? 1. Embrace Your Inner Critic 2. Train Your Brain to See the Positive 3. Visualize Your Success 4. Take Baby Steps 5. Be Willing to Fail Conclusion: Mindset Is Everything As an artist or producer, have […]

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