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Matt Cooper Is Launching Lifetime Access to Shows via an NFT Fan Club

21 September 2022

Becoming a successful musician takes a lot of effort and dedication. Matt Cooper has long been ready to chase his dreams and gain fame in the music industry. He is a rising star and singer-songwriter. Matt is an indie artist who has made creating music his priority as he embarks on his music career. ADVERTISEMENT […]

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How Indie Artists Can Use NFTs To Connect With Their Fans and Monetize Their Communities

14 September 2022

NFT Artist BlackDave Stadium-status artists have been heavily using NFTs to interact and monetize their fanbases over the past year. This makes artists of all calibers take notice of the success of these mega-stars found in web3. But it’s such a new industry that many smaller and indie musicians don’t feel as confident as they […]

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Spotify To Launch In Roblox Metaverse And Tests New NFT Partnership

9 June 2022

K-Park Preview Spotify Streaming Music Market Q2/21 MIDIA ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website The most recent music streaming statistics confirms Spotify’s market share at 31%, essentially equal to Apple/Amazon Music combined.  Two of their recently announced business strategies show they have Web3 innovation and diversification in mind.  The first of these strategies includes Spotify Island, which merges […]

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London Creative Hub The Rattle Launches Community Web3 Token

9 May 2022

The Rattle Event Space The Rattle The Web3 and NFT world is something that comes with a lot of discourse, narrative and assumptions around the intentions of those who mint a token. It’s seen by many as the ultimate digitization of capitalism – a quick cash grab through objectively value-less imagery and digital artwork.  However, […]

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5 Strategies To Make Money With NFTs As An Artist

6 May 2022

According to NFT Stats, more than 53,000 NFTs have been sold worldwide in just the past 24 hours, generating a trading volume of $84.3 million. From interactive animations to logos to digital collectible lines, the creative possibilities for NFTs are nearly limitless. However, many artists want to get in on the NFT craze but have […]

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RIAA Sends “Copyright Theft” Letter To “Scam Site” Music NFT Company HitPiece

7 February 2022

via Hitpiece / Consequence People got quite upset and rightfully so with a company that decided to take all of their music and upload them as NFTs. How many of the songs were actually minted by HitPiece remains a question, but the intent was there. HitPiece reportedly took people’s copyrighted material using the Spotify API, […]

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HitPiece Attempts To Sell People’s Music As NFTs Without Their Permission, Allegedly

2 February 2022

Hitpiece listings before being taken down via Hitpiece / Consequence Is this is the future that was promised with NFTs? Considering the music business is filled with liars, scammers and thieves, it was inevitable. Someone allegedly used a program that scrapped the Spotify API and put loads of music on an NFT platform, somewhat aptly […]

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Spotlight: UMEK To Drop World’s First “Live Gig NTF” Alongside Three “Lanicor” Remixes

21 April 2021

Viberate World-renowned techno DJ and producer UMEK is the latest music artist to announce an NFT drop. His will be unique, as he is the first to offer a live performance NFT. The drop will be verified by Viberate, a blockchain-based music research and analytics platform. Starting on April 29 and running for 24 hours, […]

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Beatport Will Accept Bitcoin For Payments Starting In June

20 April 2021

Music for Future Dance Floors Cover Art Beatport Beatport will soon accept Bitcoin for payments beginning in June. It says it will be the first digital music retailer to accept Bitcoin for purchases. There have been other music companies that operate with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. In addition to accepting Bitcoin in June, Beatport is […]

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Madeon Announces NFT Art Drop With Five Pieces

15 March 2021

Madeon Ian Young Madeon has announced a cryptoart drop via Nifty Gateway called Madeon x The Architects that will include five pieces of NFT art. This is a collaboration between Madeon and the four artists – OSEANWORLD, ShinOSM, Mollie Tarlow, and Mike Kluge, who helped create the visuals for his Good Faith Live tour. “The […]

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MF DOOM AR NFTs Being Auctioned Benefiting Estate

11 March 2021

Courtesy Photo Illust Space–an augmented reality NFT marketplace–will be hosting an MF DOOM crypto auction in collaboration with Rhymesayers, MF DOOM’s wife Jasmine and the estate. The auction will include a select group of signed, limited edition, MF DOOM augmented reality NFT’s or Non-Fungible Token. As part of the sale, 10% of total proceeds will […]

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Clarian Selling New Album ‘Whale Shark’ Publishing & Copyright As NFT

9 March 2021

Clarian Courtesy Photo If you have been on the internet over the past week, you will have seen the word NFT or non-fungible token. NFTs are pieces of art on the blockchain, whose value comes from some level of scarcity. Since it is on the blockchain, proof of ownership is concrete, though they can be […]

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