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How To Find Nightlife And Shows In A City You’ve Never Been To

17 August 2022

Being a tourist and visiting a new city is always exciting, but finding good shows, concerts, and venues to hit while you’re there is often a massive struggle. Why? Because Yelp sucks for nightclubs, blog posts on the topic are often super old, and the cultural pulse of what’s hot and cool is constantly changing. […]

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The Short Girl’s Guide to Concerts, Shows, and Festivals

11 July 2022

Atikh Bana Contents Do Your Research Getting To The Show Early Choosing the Right Shoes Entering the Venue (Navigating The Tall Dudes) Finding the Right Window Moving Back Your view is half stage, half sweaty backs of necks. Occasionally, you catch glimpses of bassist and guitarist. Maybe the drummer—if you can hold a calf raise. […]

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