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Op-Ed: DJs – Don’t Avoid Playing 2020 Pandemic-Era Tracks In Upcoming Sets

31 May 2021

seismic Dance Event. Gigs are back in some places @apexambedo Gigs are back….sort of. There is growing hope that live music business will come back soon as vaccines are behind rolled out in some countries, though others are stumbling for a variety of reasons (price, production issues, export embargoes etc). However, a little over a […]

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Earth Day: Remaking A More Environmentally Sustainable Post-COVID Music Business Will Be Hard, But Necessary

22 April 2021

Markus Spiske on Unsplash Normal. It is a word we heard millions of times over the past year. “The new normal” was something we were told to deal with in the conditions of the pandemic, while also looking forward to “going back to normal.” These competing normals were often polar opposites, but as the pandemic […]

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Robots With Soul: Daft Punk Say Goodbye

23 February 2021

Daft Punk Courtesy of PR I struggled with writing something at first about Daft Punk breaking up beyond the breaking news because of the shock initially, but also I didn’t want to approach this as if they died and we will never hear from the members of Daft Punk again. They didn’t give us an […]

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