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Plugin Review

Sample Logic Bohemian Review: A Kontakt Library Of Worldly Sounds For Your Productions

28 September 2022

Sample Logic Contents What Is Included In Sample Logic’s Bohemian What I Loved About This Kontakt Library What I Wasn’t Crazy About With This Library… Specs On Bohemian Music producers are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting sounds to push their productions forward, and with the rising popularity of genres like organic house […]

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Waves Harmony Review: A Powerful Harmonizer For Vocalists and Touring Musicians

13 September 2022

Contents What I Liked About Waves Harmony Who Is Waves Harmony Built For? My Favorite Features Of Waves Harmony Specs On Waves Harmony Waves have released Harmony, a real-time vocal harmony plugin that can generate up to eight harmonies from a single voice. Harmony is suitable for studio and live performance tasks and provides a […]

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New Plugin Announcement: Baby Audio’s IHNY-2 Compressor

31 August 2022

Baby Audio set out to make the hardest-hitting compressor in the industry. The kind that makes your tracks slam and sing. To achieve that extra edge, IHNY-2 works in parallel. This allows you to compress more while retaining the dynamics of your dry track. Purchase This Amazing Compressor For The Intro Price Of Just $39 […]

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Vocalise 3 By Heavyocity Review: An Emotionally-Atmospheric Library For Kontakt

24 August 2022

Heavyocity Contents Whom is Vocalise 3 Designed For? Why Should You Get Vocalise 3? Specs and Requirements of the Vocalise 3 Final Thoughts On Vocalise 3 Heavyocity continues to produce high-quality instruments with the release of Vocalise 3. This latest installment in the Vocalise line is even more flexible and valuable than its predecessors.  Buy […]

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Kit Plugins Mo-Q Review: Analog Emulation Modeled After The Iconic Motown Equalizer

18 August 2022

Contents What Is The Blackbird Mo-Q? How We Used The Blackbird Mo-Q How We Did Not Use The Blackbird Mo-Q The Blackbird Mo-Q Specs The Blackbird Mo-Q is the second plugin released by a new company to the plugin market. Kit Plugins is headquartered in Nashville and founded by audio engineer and producer Matthew Kleiman. […]

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Plugin Review: Waves CR8 Sampler

15 March 2022

Every DAW on the market comes with a stock sampler that’s at least good enough to handle whatever sample-flipping or sound manipulation job that you need to do. So do you really need another sampler? Probably not, unless of course the new alternative offers miles more functionality, elegance, and ease of use; all of which […]

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