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Producer Spotlight – Evabeat Releases Melody Sauce 2 Plugin – The Future of Melody Creation

7 April 2022

Get Melody Sauce 2 for a Special Introductory Rate $49 or Upgrade for $15 Promotion Ends April 12th, 2022 Melody Sauce 2 is the new must-have music production assistant. This supercharged upgrade is a massive overhaul of the original version, with a set of powerful new features to inspire you and your music-making. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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Plugin Review: Waves CR8 Sampler

15 March 2022

Every DAW on the market comes with a stock sampler that’s at least good enough to handle whatever sample-flipping or sound manipulation job that you need to do. So do you really need another sampler? Probably not, unless of course the new alternative offers miles more functionality, elegance, and ease of use; all of which […]

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Producer Spotlight – Take Your Reverb To The Next Level With Soundtoys’ Little Plate Plugin

13 August 2021

Little Plate – Inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb, Little Plate captures the lush sound and electro-mechanical vibe of this studio classic. As usual, the Soundtoys designers couldn’t resist pushing the limits of reality, so they added a couple of fun twists that let you take Little Plate to spaces the original hardware […]

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Producer Spotlight: Soundslates Releases New Instruments Plugin Suite Capsule

16 July 2021

Soundslates Capsules Soundslates As producers, we are always looking for tools that will give us fresh perspectives, new workflows and most of all new, and unique sounds. The Capsule audio plugin is just such a tool, offering a flexible subscription option for $9.99 a month after a 30-day free trial, or the ability to buy […]

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Producer Spotlight: Get The Big Cinematic Percussion You’ve Been Looking For With UJAM’s DRUMS

1 July 2021

Hans Zimmer is a whiz at creating huge percussive elements in his soundtracks, and now you can get some of his collection to help beef up your sound in the latest plugin from UJAM’s Symphonic Elements Series – DRUMS. When paired with UJAM’s STRIIINGS, you have all the tools, and enough presets to start any […]

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Producer Spotlight: Soundtoys EchoBoy Will Get You That Warm Smooth Echo You Have Been Looking For

14 June 2021

GET EchoBoy HERE EchoBoy is more than just models of classic guitar pedal echo and delay units. To set it apart, EchoBoy embraces the high-end studio tape machine sounds to produce a warm, clean, smooth echo that you can put on a solo vocal at the front of a mix. Of course, it can also […]

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Producer Spotlight – Need A Little Help With Your Groove, UJAM’s Groovemate ONE Will Sprinkle In Just The Right Amount of Percussion

3 June 2021

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference, a little shaker here, a little dash of Tamborine there, can fill in your percussion and bring energy and fullness to your track. UJAM is great at making these “little seasoning” tools, as we like to call them, and the Groovemate One is one […]

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Producer Spotlight – Have You Always Wanted A Mix Assistant? Well Now You Have One, Meet Smooth Operator

28 May 2021

Much like their other plugins, Baby Audio‘s Smooth Operator makes things just a bit easier, faster, and efficient. They fuse together complementary functions that can be easily tweaked to achieve incredible results that are intuitive and inspire creativity. Whether you use an onboard preset or experiment on your own, you will get fantastic results quickly. […]

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Producer Spotlight – Soundtoys’ FilterFreak Plug is a flexible and powerful tool for all filtering needs

3 May 2021

In our ongoing Producer Spotlight series with Soundtoys, we will be now diving into one plug-in at a time. For this post, we will be focusing on FilterFreak, and yes, it does just what you would expect – it freaks your filters on a whole other level. The Soundtoys team has put together some great […]

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Producer Spotlight: Loopcloud Releases Loopcloud 6 With Improved Search, Built-In AI Functionality, Three New Effects

22 April 2021

The arms race in the sample and plugin world is never-ending, and Loopcloud is always ahead of the pack in the way they think about their platform. The value monthly subscribers receive from the constantly updated tools, and now an AI-powered search integration makes Loopcloud worth checking out. This platform is the ultimate organizational tool […]

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Producer Spotlight – Use Soundtoys 5 Plugin Suite To Beef Up, Mix Down, and Enhance Your Productions

30 March 2021

Soundtoys 5  Welcome to the first in a series of posts to get you more familiar with the beautiful future-retro world of Soundtoys plugins. We will be exploring the Soundtoys 5 suite for this first edition and getting to know the basics of what each plugin does. Later in the series, taking a deeper dive […]

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Producer Spotlight – UJAM’s Striiiings Puts An Orchestra At Your Command With Ease

19 March 2021

Big sweeping orchestral strings are always something that producers crave, whether you are doing video game scores, epic hip hop or massive builds in your dance tunes – strings are clutch. The trouble is, most producers don’t have extensive music theory knowledge, let alone know how to compose orchestral strings. Ujam once again comes to […]

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