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Producer Spotlight – UJAM’s Striiiings Puts An Orchestra At Your Command With Ease

19 March 2021

Big sweeping orchestral strings are always something that producers crave, whether you are doing video game scores, epic hip hop or massive builds in your dance tunes – strings are clutch. The trouble is, most producers don’t have extensive music theory knowledge, let alone know how to compose orchestral strings. Ujam once again comes to […]

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Producer Spotlight – Mixed In Key Launches Satellite Plugins 2.0 Allowing Producers To Collaborate Remotely

5 March 2021

Satellite Plugins 2.0

 is here.  Collaborate in any DAW, anytime, anywhere

 Satellite Plugins 2.0 is an innovative new VST/AU/AAX plugin that allows users to collaborate on audio projects in any DAW over the Internet. Satellite Plugins 2.0 allows musicians to connect to a Satellite Plugins session and contribute audio and MIDI parts. One person can […]

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Producer Spotlight – Level Up Your Skills With Izotope’s New Producers Club

26 February 2021

iZotope loves helping users clear their creative hurdles and solve “unsolvable” audio issues. The new iZotope Producers Club does all of that and more, thanks to innovative audio tools and a deep library of guides and downloadable content. Work with award-winning plug-ins. Music production can throw a lot your way—be prepared for any project, any […]

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Producer Spotlight: Get Inspired With Baby Audio’s Spaced Out Plugin

18 February 2021

Baby Audio makes powerful and intuitive plugins that can help take your productions to the next level, from Super VHS with its amazing 80s warbly and wobbly lofi treatments to the Comeback Kid Delay, if you are looking add stylish textures these guys have an app for that… err plugin.  Super VHS – Full Editorial […]

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