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Point Blank Production Tutorial

Point Blank Tutorial: GarageBand on iPad – How to Make Your First Beat

17 June 2022

Despite what people say about which DAWs are better than others, it may surprise you to know that GarageBand is a powerful tool.  It can do a lot of what Logic can but in a more streamlined interface, which can be hugely helpful for the fledgling producer.  For example, Logic Pro’s baby brother can even […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Tutorial – Granular Synthesis Made Easy in Logic Pro

17 February 2022

For this tutorial, Point Blank’s lecturer Dave Stone shows how you can chop up samples in Logic Pro to recreate the popular Granular Synthesis effect in the style of Bonobo and Four Tet. Four Tet and Bonobo are best known for their ethereal take on dance music, maximizing on emotive arpeggiators, luscious textures and hypnotizing […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial – How to Sidechain Reverb Sends in Ableton Live

26 August 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank show how you can sidechain your reverb sends in Ableton Live using a few simple techniques. Sidechain compression is a ducking effect that can be used to separate different elements in your track. It usually works by one element being sidechained by another and cancelling out a certain sound or […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial – How to Sample Hardware Using Logic Pro’s Auto Sampler

20 May 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank show how you can sample any instrument and turn it into a VST in Logic Pro, using Auto Sampler. Auto Sampler makes it easy to create sampler instruments that you can use in MainStage and Logic Pro. You can create a sampler instrument from a MIDI-capable hardware synthesizer, from a […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Track Breakdown: Raye – “Natalie Don’t” (Punctual Remix)

16 April 2021

Point Blank are back with another track breakdown, this time with DJ/producer duo Punctual, to unveil the magic behind their remix of “Natalie Don’t” for the globally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Raye. Comprising Will Lansley and John Morgan, the British DJ/producer duo Punctual have racked up millions of plays on Spotify alone thanks to their infectious club […]

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Spotlight: How to Create Organic Percussion & Textures in Ableton Live – Point Blank Techtorial

8 April 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank demonstrate how you can add gorgeous textural percussion to your tracks, giving your song a more organic feel. Much like the percussion used in Maya Jane Coles’ excellent, “Something In The Air,” Point Blank Course Developer, Chris Martin, will take you through the steps to create something similar in Ableton […]

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Spotlight: Track Breakdown: Marten Hørger – “Øut Øf The Wørld” (Confession)

26 February 2021

Martin Horger Track Breakdown Point Blank Point Blank Point Blank are back with another Track Breakdown, this time with Marten Hørger, a global force in the bass house scene, breaking down his monstrous song, “Øut Øf The Wørld,” which is out now on Tchami’s label, Confession. Emerging as a preeminent act in the bass house […]

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