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Point Blank Techtorial

Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial – How to Turn 808 Into a Mid-Range DnB Growl Bass

22 July 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank show how you can create a growling mid-range bass in Ableton Live using a simple 808 bass sound. The growling bass with lots of mid-range presence is used across a range of genres but is particularly popular in the realms of drum and bass, dubstep and EDM. In the video […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial: Why You Should Mix in Key with Mixed In Key Plugins

10 June 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank’s DJ Ravine and Mr Bristow explore Mixed In Key version 10 and discuss why mixing in key is so important. Mixed In Key 10 has the best key detection in the world. For over fifteen years, Mixed In Key has consistently ranked #1 in key detection accuracy. The latest version […]

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Spotlight: How to Create Organic Percussion & Textures in Ableton Live – Point Blank Techtorial

8 April 2021

For this tutorial, Point Blank demonstrate how you can add gorgeous textural percussion to your tracks, giving your song a more organic feel. Much like the percussion used in Maya Jane Coles’ excellent, “Something In The Air,” Point Blank Course Developer, Chris Martin, will take you through the steps to create something similar in Ableton […]

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Spotlight: Point Blank Techtorial: See Every New Ableton Live 11 Audio Effect in Action

18 March 2021

Ableton Live 11 Point Blank via Point Blank Following the highly-anticipated release of Ableton Live 11, Point Blank have created a tutorial, exploring all of the DAW’s new audio effects in-depth, showcasing what they can do and how it all works. During the video, Chris Martin, a Point Blank Course Developer, runs through the different […]

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