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Portable Turntable

The Best Portable Turntables: 8 Record Players That Let You Listen To Vinyl On The Go

1 November 2022

Victrola’s Re-Spin is just small enough to be taken on the go, but it’s not the only option on the market… Victrola Contents Victrola Re-Spin Numark PT0-1 Stokyo Popsky Vintage-Style Turntable Victrola Revolution Go Numark PT0-1 Scratch Feir Vinyl Stereo Record Player Reloop SPIN portable As vinyl has continued its meteoric rise in renewed popularity, […]

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Victrola Re-Spin Review – Finally A Portable Turntable That Doesn’t Suck

7 September 2022

As vinyl has surged in popularity there has been an increasing demand for more portable, and affordable turntables and the options really haven’t been great for anything in the $99 and under category. Most of the products in this category sound like a couple of hamsters yelling at each other through two tin cans connected […]

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Meet The Victrola Revolution Go – The Ultimate Portable Suitcase Turntable for Vinyl Lovers!

19 June 2022

You’ve probably seen the traditional suitcase-style turntables everywhere lately as the popularity of vinyl has gone into the stratosphere. From Urban Outfitters to Target, it’s hard to walk into a big retailer these days and not see some kind of sales alter to vinyl and these inexpensive portable players. The suitcase category has been primarily […]

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