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Producer Spotlight

All Day I Dream: The Complete History Of Lee Burridge’s Greatest Moments

11 May 2022

Contents What Is All Day I Dream? How All Day I Dream Started Who Is Lee Burridge? All Day I Dream Events The Best Songs On All Day I Dream Which Artists Are Signed To All Day I Dream? World renown, glove-trotting DJ/producer Lee Burridge started his All Day I Dream label back in 2011, […]

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Producer Spotlight – Take Your Reverb To The Next Level With Soundtoys’ Little Plate Plugin

13 August 2021

Little Plate – Inspired by the original EMT 140 plate reverb, Little Plate captures the lush sound and electro-mechanical vibe of this studio classic. As usual, the Soundtoys designers couldn’t resist pushing the limits of reality, so they added a couple of fun twists that let you take Little Plate to spaces the original hardware […]

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Producer Spotlight: Soundslates Releases New Instruments Plugin Suite Capsule

16 July 2021

Soundslates Capsules Soundslates As producers, we are always looking for tools that will give us fresh perspectives, new workflows and most of all new, and unique sounds. The Capsule audio plugin is just such a tool, offering a flexible subscription option for $9.99 a month after a 30-day free trial, or the ability to buy […]

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Producer Spotlight: Create The Perfect Hard Case Solution with the Unison Custom Edition From Analog Cases

16 July 2021

Analog Cases Before Customization Analog Cases Analog Cases has many different options for synths, controllers, audio interfaces and more, but what about creating something specifically for your unique setup? The new Unison Custom Edition hard case solves this problem with perforated foam inserts that can be pulled away to create the exact spacing you need […]

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Producer Spotlight: Get The Classic Sounds Of House Music With This New Milk & Sugar Pack From Loopmasters

13 July 2021

Check It out HERE Loopmasters are proud to present the first volume of Two Decades of House, a collection of warm analogue house music samples from scene mainstays Milk & Sugar! This 100% royalty free selection is packed with dancefloor sounds that will bring fresh inspiration to your arrangements. MILK & SUGAR led the charge […]

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Producer Spotlight: Ableton Live 11 And The Enduring Pull Of The Push 2

9 June 2021

The Ableton Push 2 When Ableton Live 11 arrived in early 2021, it treated users to highly desired new features like track comping; MPE support for plug-ins, external devices, and several Live 11 devices; and a massive infusion of content, such as Spitfire Audio sampled instruments, cinematic Live Packs, and some sophisticated new effects devices. […]

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Producer Spotlight – Need A Little Help With Your Groove, UJAM’s Groovemate ONE Will Sprinkle In Just The Right Amount of Percussion

3 June 2021

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference, a little shaker here, a little dash of Tamborine there, can fill in your percussion and bring energy and fullness to your track. UJAM is great at making these “little seasoning” tools, as we like to call them, and the Groovemate One is one […]

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Producer Spotlight – Mixed In Key 10 Announced

30 April 2021

Mixed In Key 10 Mixed In Key If you have been in the DJing hustle for a while, then chances are you know what Mixed In Key is. They were the first developer to release software 15 years ago that accurately identified the key of your track so you could, well mix in key or […]

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Producer Spotlight: Loopcloud Releases Loopcloud 6 With Improved Search, Built-In AI Functionality, Three New Effects

22 April 2021

The arms race in the sample and plugin world is never-ending, and Loopcloud is always ahead of the pack in the way they think about their platform. The value monthly subscribers receive from the constantly updated tools, and now an AI-powered search integration makes Loopcloud worth checking out. This platform is the ultimate organizational tool […]

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Producer Spotlight: Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid Plugin Brings Intuitive Controls and Endless Possibilities For Your Delays

15 April 2021

Get the Baby Audio Comeback Kid Plugin HERE Whether you are DJing or in the studio, there is no arguing that a suitable delay can bring some fantastic layers to beef up your sound or make things a little more intriguing for the listener. Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid is the perfect blend of easy-to-use controls […]

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Producer Spotlight – Use Soundtoys 5 Plugin Suite To Beef Up, Mix Down, and Enhance Your Productions

30 March 2021

Soundtoys 5  Welcome to the first in a series of posts to get you more familiar with the beautiful future-retro world of Soundtoys plugins. We will be exploring the Soundtoys 5 suite for this first edition and getting to know the basics of what each plugin does. Later in the series, taking a deeper dive […]

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Producer Spotlight: Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor Brings Those Rich Details To Your Productions

11 March 2021

Baby Audio knows that it’s always the little things that can make a mix sound bigger, warmer, fatter, and, well, just better. When you listen to the sounds in the samples above, they sound fine; then the Parallel Aggressor kicks in with those details that just kick it up a notch like a fine seasoning. […]

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