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Electro-Harmonix J Mascis Signature Ram’s Head Big Muff: Announces Tasty New Effects Pedal

22 August 2022

Nothing catches my attention more than signature artist series product lines. Being able to access the signature sound a successful artist has built their career off of, and use it in your creative way, is beyond inspiring.  So when I heard that teamed up with J Mascis to release an exclusive guitar and effects pedal […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Dirty South

28 July 2022

Damian Guiney Dirty South is a well-loved Serbian-Australian DJ and producer. His music ranges from original progressive and electronic house to film-oriented indie pop to club remixes. In 1978, Dirty South was born Dragan Roganović in Belgrade, Serbia. His first stabs at mixing involved splicing a physical tape deck. Fast forward a few years to […]

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