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7 Ways To Make Progressive House Productions Hit Harder In A Club

19 July 2022

Contents Stream Enamour’s Latest Remix Here!!! Use Silence To Create Contrast In Your Productions Include Moments That Are “Weak” Less Is More Tension Needs A Good Payoff In Progressive House Prep Your Dance Floor For What Is To Come Kick Drums Are King: Full Stop Have One Element Assist Another Element To Create Peak Moments […]

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Pig&Dan’s Essential Guide to Tech House Production

23 May 2022

Pig&Dan are industry veterans for more chart-topping singles than one can keep track of with releases on labels such as Soma, Plus8, Terminal M, Bedrock, Drumcode and more. And with such a steady string of hits under their belt comes a wealth of production knowledge, tips, and techniques to get that massive, groovin’ energy of a […]

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20 Techno Tips: Hannes Bieger’s Ultimate Guide For Music Producers

13 May 2022

Techno has exploded in the production space as the rise in popularity of the genre has expanded on a global scale.  But unlike other genres of dance music; techno is about soul, groove, texture, and detail. These are things many newer producers hardly even know to look for, but come as second nature to artists […]

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Producer Spotlight – Soundtoys’ FilterFreak Plug is a flexible and powerful tool for all filtering needs

3 May 2021

In our ongoing Producer Spotlight series with Soundtoys, we will be now diving into one plug-in at a time. For this post, we will be focusing on FilterFreak, and yes, it does just what you would expect – it freaks your filters on a whole other level. The Soundtoys team has put together some great […]

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