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Boss DS-1W Distortion Pedal Review: Vintage Distortion For Your Synths, Vocals, And Guitar

24 October 2022

Let’s dive into what makes this pedal so popular… Contents What’s New With The Boss DS-1w What The DS-1w Sounds Best With Why Get the DS-1w? Specs on The DW-1w Boss recently released a brand new distortion pedal, the DS-1w, modeled after the legendary DS-1 Distortion pedal that defined the sound of rock, metal, and […]

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Tools For More Mindful Music Production

10 October 2022

Contents Sensate 2 reMarkable 2 Manta Blue Light Blocking Glasses The modern world, with all its distractions and technology, is anathema to what a producer really needs in the studio. With constant distractions, endless options, and more information in a day than we should have in a lifetime, it’s a wonder any music is produced […]

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The Best MIDI Cables of 2022: The Only Ones You Should Think About Getting For Your Studio

25 August 2022

MIDI cables are one of the music studio’s most commonly used tools. They bring so much to the table and are so quintessential to our workflows as musicians that when they don’t work as intended, our production sessions come to a screeching halt. And between things moving around, wires getting crossed, and simple degradation of […]

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23 August 2022

With the success of the MXTX album (Six Degrees Records) and live premieres underway, the Austin, Texas-based nonprofit Golden Hornet is releasing the entire MXTX open source sample library; the unconditional gift of thousands of beats, drops, loops, notations, melodic fragments and soundscapes from a carefully curated group of DJs and composers including Camilo Lara […]

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22 August 2022

Peter Wallace Contents Where does Freeform Bass Music originate? What artists/movements have helped create the community and proliferation of the genre? How Foes Your Pretty Dark Loud Sound Encapsulates Freeform Bass? Top Freeform Artists In America What BPM Is Freeform Bass? Differences in various styles of Freeform (Melodic vs Heavier?) Best Instruments and Plugins For […]

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The Producers Almanac Of The Best Free MIDI Files To Download In 2022

19 August 2022

MIDI files are a secret weapon to more producers than you probably realize. They allow you to create instant vibes in the studio and avoid that intimidating empty project. You drag MIDI files into your DAW, load up a preset, and instantly make music (you hardly even have to know theory to start getting the […]

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Who (and What) Are THE DRIVER ERA? We Find Out in Our Latest Interview

29 July 2022

Samuel Fisher Contents THE DRIVER ERA In The Studio THE DRIVER ERA’s Relationship With Their Music How Does THE DRIVER ERA’s Music Evolve? Where Is THE DRIVER ERA Headed? THE DRIVER ERA’s Ross and Rocky Lynch are more than just pretty faces. They’ve got pretty minds, too. How do I know? Well, THE DRIVER ERA spoke to […]

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Point Blank LA Launches New Campus with 25% Off All PBLA Courses

27 July 2022

Until August 1st, if you’re looking to learn how to produce, mix, master, DJ, sing and more, from the best in the business, you can now with 25% off all Point Blank LA courses. This offer is applicable to their most popular LA-based courses, including the Music Production & DJ Performance Diploma, Music Production & […]

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eMastered Review: Is This AI Mastering Reference Service Worth It In 2022

27 July 2022

C/O eMastered Contents What Is Automated Mastering? How Does eMastered Work? Whom Is AI Mastering Built For? How Much Does eMastered Cost? The Final Verdict On eMastered In the modern age of 2022, content is king. Producers, musicians, podcasters, and other creatives are all hungry to feed the algorithm that rewards consistent releases, interactive works […]

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The Top 6 Plugins Professionals Use When Producing Melodic Techno

7 July 2022

Contents MELODIC TECHNO: A SIMPLIFIED FORMULA ARTURIA V9 Collection SLATE AND ASH AURAS, CYCLES AND LANDFORM SABROI AS STEPS VALHALLA UBERMOD SOUNDTOYS DECAPITATOR SOFTUBE CHANDLER LIMTED ZENER-BENDER The concept of melody when pertaining to music production doesn’t just lie in bringing a slew of notes played one after another to make something that ‘sounds’ good […]

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The 7 Best Free Diva Presets For Music Production

16 May 2022

U-He’s Diva  When it comes to replicating the warm, and full-bodied sound of expensive analog hardware synths completely in the box, u-He’s Diva synth is the industry standard.  u-He’s Diva was released back in 2011 and completely changed the game in terms of what was possible in the software world of analog emulation. It looked […]

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My Toolbox: Monolink – Magnetic Magazine

23 February 2021

Monolink has long been a leading voice in the live performance world of electronic music, combining techno, ambient, house, and hints of greats like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Fresh off his latest release, “The Prey,” we caught up with the illustrious artist to take a peak into his awesome studio to see exactly how […]

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