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The 7 Best Free Diva Presets For Music Production

16 May 2022

U-He’s Diva¬† When it comes to replicating the warm, and full-bodied sound of expensive analog hardware synths completely in the box, u-He’s Diva synth is the industry standard.¬† u-He’s Diva was released back in 2011 and completely changed the game in terms of what was possible in the software world of analog emulation. It looked […]

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My Toolbox: Monolink – Magnetic Magazine

23 February 2021

Monolink has long been a leading voice in the live performance world of electronic music, combining techno, ambient, house, and hints of greats like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Fresh off his latest release, “The Prey,” we caught up with the illustrious artist to take a peak into his awesome studio to see exactly how […]

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