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How Paradoks Uses The Prophet Rev 2 With Ableton: Why It’s The Perfect Synth For His Fast Workflow

18 November 2022

The more hardware synthesizer and studio-essential guides that I do, the more I discover that the  Prophet Rev 8 is the secret weapon behind some of my favorite productions. This synth, which picks up where Dave Smith’s iconic synth left off, offers so much versatility and originality that it is no wonder top-level producers consistently rely on […]

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How To Use The Prophet Rev 2: Hello Yes Breaks Down How They Use Their Favorite Hardware Synth

28 October 2022

The Prophet Rev 8 is a powerful piece of hardware that picks up where Dave Smith’s iconic synth left off. It comes packed with enough features to potentially overwhelm the average music producer, but many, like the duo Hello Yes, see that as the synth’s best asset.  And with its classic filter designs, powerful FX […]

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