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Remixing Popular Songs: How Arielle Free Turns Iconic Songs Into Standout Hits

11 October 2022

Contents Stream Arielle Free’s Latest Remix Below Add Your Own Magic To It Know Who Your Remix Is For Keep It Simple Don’t Force It  Make Sure It’s Accessible For Everyone Rework a song you love Nothing makes a party pop off more than a smashing remix to a timeless classic, which makes the idea […]

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Spotlight: Dance = To Dream (Fear And Loathing Remix)

12 July 2022

 Lorna James is ready to showcase her skills and talents as a prolific pianist and composer, as her well-versed knowledge and expertise in the music world, and deep passion for House music have taken her far; yet this is just the beginning of her extraordinary musical journey. The proficient composer is already making a ripple […]

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