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COD Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Review: A Thrilling Shooter Just Shy of Greatness

27 October 2022

Contents Graphics & Audio Gameplay & Gunplay MW2’s Mission Design: Nostalgia is Powerful Final Thoughts “War isn’t about friends, it’s about enemies.”  One of my favorite quotes from the high-octane campaign of this year’s Call of Duty. It rings true in the story, but only partially for the game itself. You’ll be (re)introduced to many […]

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No Place For Bravery Review: A Brutal Pixel Art Action-RPG

21 September 2022

Surviving in the pixilated world isn’t as easy as it looks… Contents A Brutal Revenge Tale: No Place For Bravery’s Story The World of No Place For Bravery Combat in No Place For Bravery  Final Thoughts No Place For Bravery’s strengths lies in its rich story, challenging combat, and beautiful art style.  I often found […]

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Metal: Hellsinger Review: A Rhythm FPS Backed by a Killer Metal Soundtrack

15 September 2022

Metal: Hellsinger is rad. This mashup of DOOM and rhythm game makes for engaging, tense, frenetic combat set to a roaring original soundtrack. Even though it doesn’t manage to stick around long enough, it should not be missed by shooter or metal fans alike. You take on the role of The Unknown as you battle […]

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Boss RC-505 MkII Loop Station Review: The Perfect Loop For Studio Musicians and Live Performers In 2022

9 September 2022

Contents UNBOXING THE BOSS RC-505 MkII KEY FEATURES OF THE BOSS RC-505 MkII IS THE BOSS RC-505 MkII RIGHT FOR ME? SPECS ON THE BOSS RC-505 MkII Boss released the RC-505 Loop Station about ten years ago. It was a new take on looping, with five stereo tracks, effects, plenty of memory, and reliable MIDI […]

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Sound Of Fractures Shares Unique EP “IRL”

18 August 2022

London-based electronic producer Sounds Of Fractures, AKA Jamie Reddington, has dropped his new electronic swing EP “IRL” following a series of well-received singles and a groundbreaking EP in 2021. It’s a collective work of skillful production with a deep-rooted meaning of self-doubt, something every aspiring artist can relate to.  Fusing atmospheric sounds to compose a […]

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THYMESIA Review: An Incredible New Souls-Like Action RPG From Overboard Studios

16 August 2022

Contents First Impressions Of Thymesia Thymesia Gameplay Exploring The World Of Thymesia Combat Mechanics In Thymesia Thymesia Graphics Thymesia is a terror-strewn, face-paced action RPG with intricate weapon systems set in a kingdom infected by a mysterious ever-spreading plague.  You take on the role of a character known only by his code name: Karbus. In his […]

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RODECaster Pro II Review: An Amazing Tool For Podcasters, Streamers, and Musicians

18 July 2022

The RODEcaster Pro 2 MSRP $699 Contents Who Is The RODECaster Pro II For? User Interface and Design Channels And Inputs/Outputs The RODECaster Pro II’s On Board Processing The Powerful New “SMART Pads” The RODECaster Pro II’s Recording Capabilities Key Features Of The RODECaster Pro II: RODECaster Pro II Specifications Final Thoughts: If you had […]

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Arists Who Sound Like: Shay Lia

22 June 2022

Shay Lia. Image courtesy of the artist. Montreal-based funk/R&B/soul sensation Shay Lia is unearthing a whole universe of playlist opportunities and we are here for it… Long haul!  Known for her velvet-smooth voice and unmistakeable future-funk sound, Shay Lia is making her mark in the music world with one dance-inducing number at a time. ADVERTISEMENT […]

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The Supermen Lovers Are Back And Ready To Unveil Their New Album ‘Body Double’

25 May 2022

Guillaume Atlan aka The Supermen Lovers is not only celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut single “Starlight”, but he is also dropping his 4th studio album Body Double, this Friday, May 27th on La Tebwa Records. As an originator of the French Touch sound, Atlan isn’t about to rest on his laurels, but rather revisit […]

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Moog’s Etherwave Theremin Adds Convenience To An Already Classic Sound.

17 May 2022

Moog’s Theremin synthesizer has never been an easy instrument to play.  But the Theremin makes up for its steep learning curve by being the single most expressive synthesizer one can can get their hands. But still, the learning curve of the Moog Theremin still deterred many would-be fans for decades as it’s intrinsic nature made […]

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RODE Introduces The VideoMic GO II and Lavalier II Microphones

26 January 2022

For all of you content creators out there who are looking to up your sound and don’t have a huge budget, here are two new mics from RODE that will do the trick, the VideoMic Go II (Great for solo shooters) and the Lavelier II for interviews and on-camera work. VideoMic GO II / MSRP […]

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GoSun Is Going To Change The Way You Think About Camping, Cooking, and the versatility of solar power

24 August 2021

If you are a camper, glamper, van lifer, or weekend warrior, then chances are you know all about propane, wood, and charcoal. Combustible fuel is how most of us have been cooking outdoors, well, since we started cooking outdoors. The bad news is that these fuels are not great for the environment; they can be […]

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