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Arists Who Sound Like: Shay Lia

22 June 2022

Shay Lia. Image courtesy of the artist. Montreal-based funk/R&B/soul sensation Shay Lia is unearthing a whole universe of playlist opportunities and we are here for it… Long haul!  Known for her velvet-smooth voice and unmistakeable future-funk sound, Shay Lia is making her mark in the music world with one dance-inducing number at a time. ADVERTISEMENT […]

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The Supermen Lovers Are Back And Ready To Unveil Their New Album ‘Body Double’

25 May 2022

Guillaume Atlan aka The Supermen Lovers is not only celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut single “Starlight”, but he is also dropping his 4th studio album Body Double, this Friday, May 27th on La Tebwa Records. As an originator of the French Touch sound, Atlan isn’t about to rest on his laurels, but rather revisit […]

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Moog’s Etherwave Theremin Adds Convenience To An Already Classic Sound.

17 May 2022

Moog’s Theremin synthesizer has never been an easy instrument to play.  But the Theremin makes up for its steep learning curve by being the single most expressive synthesizer one can can get their hands. But still, the learning curve of the Moog Theremin still deterred many would-be fans for decades as it’s intrinsic nature made […]

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RODE Introduces The VideoMic GO II and Lavalier II Microphones

26 January 2022

For all of you content creators out there who are looking to up your sound and don’t have a huge budget, here are two new mics from RODE that will do the trick, the VideoMic Go II (Great for solo shooters) and the Lavelier II for interviews and on-camera work. VideoMic GO II / MSRP […]

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GoSun Is Going To Change The Way You Think About Camping, Cooking, and the versatility of solar power

24 August 2021

If you are a camper, glamper, van lifer, or weekend warrior, then chances are you know all about propane, wood, and charcoal. Combustible fuel is how most of us have been cooking outdoors, well, since we started cooking outdoors. The bad news is that these fuels are not great for the environment; they can be […]

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Sennheiser’s New IE 300 Ear Buds Bring HiFi Excitement For Music Lovers

17 February 2021

Hot off the (digital) CES floor comes the new and highly anticipated IE 300 earbuds from Sennheiser. Roughly a month out, and they have already run out of stock on the Sennheiser website and garnered significant critical acclaim. The price point of $299 is also something that is catching people’s attention, especially since the IE […]

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