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Roland Unveils Three New Synthesizer Keyboards With FANTOM-0 Series

16 March 2022

Roland FANTOM-6, 7 & 8 from bottom to top via Roland Roland introduces the FANTOM-0 series, a new lineup of synthesizer keyboards for music creators and performers. The new synth comes in three different versions: the FANTOM-06, FANTOM-07, and FANTOM-08. The FANTOM was first introduced in 2019 and the FANTOM-0 carries many of those core […]

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303 Day: Roland Launches Website About TB-303’s History & Influence

3 March 2022

TB 303 Butch In celebration of 303 Day (March 3), Roland has unveiled a new website that explores the history and influence of the TB-303 bass synth. It starts with an engineer named Tadao Kikumoto who wanted to develop a machine to recreate the sound of an electric bass guitar. From that idea, came the […]

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Roland Celebrates History With 50-Year Anniversary Website, Teases “50th Model” This Year

20 January 2022

Roland 50 Anniversary Graphic Roland Roland turns 50 in 2022 and to celebrate the milestone, the company has launched a new website that looks back on its rich history. The interactive website starts with the company’s founding in 1972 and then goes through each decade since in detail with every piece of equipment and then […]

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Roland Adds TR-707 & TR-727 Software Rhythm Composers To Roland Cloud

3 September 2021

TR-707 and TR-727 with Cloud  Roland Roland has added TR-707 and TR-727 Software Rhythm Composers to its repertoire of software in the Roland Cloud. The legendary drum machines were brought to life with Roland’s advanced Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology that the company claims brings the authentic sound and tech to a digital space with […]

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Meet The New Roland GO:Mixer Pro-X – A Truly Portable and Powerful Audio Mixer For Smartphones

14 July 2021

Roland has upped the ante with quality, simplicity, and overall functionality in the latest addition to their portable mixer series. The GO:Mixer Pro-X brings the complete package for musicians, podcasters, journalists, or anyone that wants to record high-quality audio into their smartphone. Whether you are streaming your DJ performance, your podcast, or just making an […]

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How It Was Made: kryptogram – Sneak Away With Me

3 May 2021

kryptogram Studio kryptogram kryptogram recently released a funky house single called “Sneak Away With Me” on his new album called krypt. vol2. The album touches all the disco sounds, deep house, and 90’s r&b feeling bass. Originally from Serbia, Igor fled to the States to escape the Balkans War in his home country. Finding a new […]

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My Toolbox: Alex Somers – Magnetic Magazine

19 March 2021

Alex Somers Bella Howard Some people have struggled to keep their head above water over the past year and some have found a creative burst. Alex Somers, known to some as Alex from the duo with Sigur Rós’ Jónsi, Jónsi & Alex, which released their second album in 2019 is ready to have a big 2021. […]

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How It Was Made: Roosevelt – Polydans

26 February 2021

Roosevelt Joseph Strauch DJ, producer and songwriter Roosevelt, real name Marius Lauber, has released his new album Polydans. A love letter to dance music, Lauber did what made him happy when making this album and that should reflect on the listener’s mood as well. A collection of upbeat synth tracks, Polydans channels the most danceable […]

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My Toolbox: Monolink – Magnetic Magazine

23 February 2021

Monolink has long been a leading voice in the live performance world of electronic music, combining techno, ambient, house, and hints of greats like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Fresh off his latest release, “The Prey,” we caught up with the illustrious artist to take a peak into his awesome studio to see exactly how […]

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How It Was Made: Møme & Ricky Ducati – Flashback FM

12 February 2021

Møme and Alex Ducati together in 2018 Alex Brisa French producer Møme & LA-based vocalist Ricky Ducati have teamed up on a new album Flashback FM. The pair first linked up in 2018 to make their first collaboration “Sail Away,” before launching into a full album collaboration. Flashback FM was made a world apart, created […]

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