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Bayonetta 3 Review: Is This Demonic-Action Game Worth It?

10 November 2022

Contents Combat in Bayonetta 3 How Is The Gameplay In Bayonetta 3? Technical Issues In Bayonetta 3 Final Thoughts On Bayonetta 3 After eight long years, the witch queen returns with more drip than a drag show and higher octane than a Fast and Furious movie. Longtime fans will find this as no surprise and […]

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A Plague Tale: Requiem Review – An Emotionally jarring journey through 14th Century France

1 November 2022

Contents A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Visuals Are Stunning A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Story Is Personal A Plague Tale: Requiem’s Gameplay Is Redundant Final Thoughts The first installment in the series was released in 2019 and was met with resounding praise, barring some complaints about gameplay. Requiem takes everything it got right in the first game […]

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Sunday Gold: Tips And Tricks For The Best Minigames In Dystopian London

13 October 2022

Let’s get to work and get the loot. It’s not easy being a hacker, locksmith, and weight lifting champion all at the same time. Your time in the London underground will be full of obstacles that will be in your way, but fear not, with these hints you won’t even have to save scum your […]

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Sunday Gold Review: A Point-A-Click RPG Set In Dystopian London

12 September 2022

Contents Life In The Slums: Sunday Gold’s Aesthetics Exploring The World Of Gold Sunday Sunday Gold Gameplay Voice Acting In Gold Sunday What I Didn’t Like About Gold Sunday Final Thoughts Your name is Frank; a too old for this, bloodshot-eyed, mohawk-wearing, cigar-chomping asshole living in the dystopian noir hell hole streets of London. You […]

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Steelrising Review: A Soulslike Action Game Set In Steampunk Paris

9 September 2022

Contents What Is Steelrising? Is Steelrising a Soulslike? My First Impressions of Steelrising Final Thoughts On Steelrising Steelrising is a game with lofty ambitions from French developer Spiders. It is a challenging game similar to Dark Souls, where you play as Aegis, a clockwork “automat” who must battle other similar creations in a 1789 steampunky […]

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