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Sleepy & Boo

The 15 Best Progressive House Tracks of May 2022

7 June 2022

May was a month with a wave of new music that also reflected the coming shift into summer. Uplifting vibes and soaring melodies took the forefront while still keeping their groove and bits of darker more winter synth sounds weaved throughout the months releases. Stand-out tracks this month include … Continue reading Source link

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How It Was Made: Sleepy & Boo – Lucent [Where The Heart Is]

6 May 2022

We’re always trying to envision how a track will sound on the dancefloor when it’s being played out, and what kind of scenario would a DJ play it. Is this track something for the peak hours of a party, is it better to build the groove of the party, like a warm-up vibe? And once […]

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