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Soft Synths

Sound Design With Phase Plant: How DNMO Uses This Softsynth In His D&B Productions

23 September 2022

DNMO is a young producer with a polished and professional sound Phase Plant is a semi-modular softsynth from Kilohearts that has been catching fire in the music production world for some time now. Its unique approach to sound design and top-quality processing has made it the go-to softsynth for many producers making more sound-design-driven genres […]

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6 Soft Synths That Will Change Your Game and Add Magic To Your Music

14 April 2022

The excitement around soft synths and their relationship to software development these days is palpable.  While entire worlds are being built out in the metaverse, audio plugin developers are in a race to outshine each other with incredible tools for modern day producers and sound designers. And while your DAW likely has at least one […]

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