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SOHMI: A night with the trailblazing “Minimal Pop-Tech” innovator

29 November 2022

The year of SOHMI Between playing Coachella and Electric Forest, to releasing a number of singles including her latest, “Somebody,” SOHMI has solidified her prowess as producer, DJ, and vocalist – the complete package. SOHMI at Spybar Chicago / photo by author A classically trained pianist and vocalist, SOHMI utilizes her knowledge of music theory […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Yotto

4 July 2022

Miro Kalliola Songwriter, DJ, and producer Otto Yliperttula is a Finnish musical professional but he’s more commonly known by his stage name: Yotto. Fans know and love Yotto for his deep house, dance, and electronic beats. And with almost a million monthly Spotify listeners, Yotto is clearly a fan favorite. Take a peek at Magnetic’s […]

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