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Rich Fayden Captivates His Listeners With Newest Single “Don’t Be Cruel”

31 October 2022

On first listen most likely will not recognize this classic and this is what makes it so great. The ability to recreate something so iconic yet do so in a way that makes the listener feel as if it is an original is not easily done. The bass hits, followed by a synth that feels […]

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Songwriting In Dance Music: Tim Green Shares How He Writes Music That Stays With You

28 October 2022

Music producers constantly feel the need to be rushing through the creative process, feeding the algorithms with forgettable release after forgettable release. In fact, it almost feels like this is the norm, as fewer producers than ever put an emphasis on writing dance records that stand the test of time. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website […]

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How To Add Emotion To Music Production: Corren Cavini Shares His Secrets To Writing Dance Music

27 October 2022

If your music isn’t getting the play counts you want or attracting the fans you expect, it’s likely because there is no emotional pull to your productions. In fact, I would imagine this is the sole reason why, out of the 60k songs uploaded to Spotify every single day, only a tenth of a percentage […]

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The 10 Greatest Songwriters of All Time

25 October 2022

Contents Bob Dylan Max Martin John Lennon Paul McCartney Paul Simon Leonard Cohen Bob Marley Carole King Joni Mitchell Ed Sheeran Few things can achieve such a brilliant effect as well-chosen words. As all writers know, through words you can convey so many things that we cannot even begin to grasp their vastness. If you’ve […]

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Captain Plugins 5 Review: Music Production and Songwriting Made Easy (Kind Of)

4 October 2022

Captain Plugins make songwriting pretty damn simply (in a good way) Contents What Is Included In The Captain 5 Bundle Captain Chords Captain Deep Captain Melody Captain Beat Captain Play Is This Bundle Right For You? Mixed In Key recently released a new suite of plugins designed to make your time in the studio more […]

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The Producers Almanac Of The Best Free MIDI Files To Download In 2022

19 August 2022

MIDI files are a secret weapon to more producers than you probably realize. They allow you to create instant vibes in the studio and avoid that intimidating empty project. You drag MIDI files into your DAW, load up a preset, and instantly make music (you hardly even have to know theory to start getting the […]

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Zoe Ko Talks Heartbreak And Mental Health in an Increasingly-DIY World

25 July 2022

C/O Artist “I’m such an open book… It’s kind of like, sometimes it like bites me in the ass, but sometimes it’s also like, amazing, and I get to like, connect with people.” At least it helps her make good music, I note. She laughs and nods… “And it becomes a problem. I’ll worry about […]

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