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Artists Who Sound Like: Dijon

26 September 2022

Dijon  Baltimore, Maryland native Dijon is an R&B musician and producer whose soulful voice brings both comfort and pain to listeners. With every lyric, Dijon is able to capture an audience with everything he’s saying, making them take in and truly feel every word.  Dijon’s music gives a feeling of remembrance almost. This is captured […]

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24 August 2022

C/O Artist Contents ANALYSIS OF MONTELL FISH’S “DARLING” After releasing his debut album JAMIE in July, the New York-based artist Montell Fish has been making constant headlines. His album is filled with raw grieving over the end of a relationship and life itself. In the song “Darling”, Montell is singing about the thoughts in his […]

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Caribbean Songwriter Navy Shares Soulful, Hip-Hop Single ‘One Shot’

23 April 2021

Navy Pretty Boy Worldwide Proudly representing the island of Dominica in the Caribbean, songwriter and performer Navy returns with the infectious, powerful and irresistible groove on “One Shot.” Full of character, driven by her unique vocal tone over a delicious half-time beat, it’s a unique insight into the sound of what Navy describes as “Island […]

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