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Sound Design

Stages Of Sound Design: KHIVA’s Layered Approach To Shaping Dynamics

11 November 2022

Contents Stream ‘Phantom Forces’ Below Stage One: Find The Source Stage Two: Finishing Touches Stage Three: Automate Everything Stage Four: Resampling and Layering It is too easy to get lost in the sauce regarding sound design. Producers go cross-eyed, scrolling through presets, our brains turn to mush as we endlessly tweak parameters, and we go out […]

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Sound Design With The Virus TI: How Agents Of Time Use This Powerful Desktop Synth

14 October 2022

Plugins and VST synths may have perks, but nothing can match hardware gear regarding warmth, character, and spontaneity. And no other synth offers more of this than the timeless Access Virus TI Desktop synth. This synthesizer is their go-to weapon for the melodic techno group, Agents of Time. Utilizing it for anything from soaring leads […]

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How to Make Instruments Using Samples in Ableton Live w/ Anna Disclaim @ IMS Ibiza 2022

30 September 2022

If you’re into programming beats, tweaking filters, and generally exploring the world of electronic soundscapes, PB offers degree courses in London and Online in Music Production & Sound Engineering that are sure to up your game. Want to find out more? Then head over to their website. During the video, Anna shows the IMS audience […]

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Sound Design With Phase Plant: How DNMO Uses This Softsynth In His D&B Productions

23 September 2022

DNMO is a young producer with a polished and professional sound Phase Plant is a semi-modular softsynth from Kilohearts that has been catching fire in the music production world for some time now. Its unique approach to sound design and top-quality processing has made it the go-to softsynth for many producers making more sound-design-driven genres […]

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