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Com Truise Announces New Course On Soundfly – Mid-Fi Slow-Motion Funk

9 May 2022

Sign Up HERE In 2011, the world’s first android astronaut launched into orbit. Or, at least, that was the concept behind Com Truise’s debut album Galactic Melt — a synth-fueled sonic exploration of a hero’s journey through space.  Combining a nostalgic reverence for ‘80s drum machines and production techniques with a futuristic sensibility, Com Truise […]

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Spotlight: Jlin Releases New Course On Rhythm & Creativity With Online Music School Soundfly

14 March 2022

Jlin Soundfly course Courtesy of Soundfly The pandemic shifted almost everything in the music business, but with gigs gone, it allowed musicians to focus more on making music. With so many people home, many tried to learn production or gone online to take their skills to the next level. Though gigs may be back, the […]

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Producer Spotlight: Sampling Pioneer RJD2 Launches New Online Sampling Course Soundfly

4 August 2021

Celebrated instrumental hip-hop producer RJD2 has launched his first-ever online course in partnership with music education platform Soundfly. This in-depth course, RJD2: From Samples to Songs, guides students through RJD2’s unique approach to chopping and flipping records, and how he arranges samples into fully realized songs. Known for his groundbreaking albums—including Deadringer and Since We […]

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