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What Are The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying Sneakers Online?

1 December 2022

Sneakers are undoubtedly among the most adaptable items of clothing a person can own. They can be dressed forwards or backward and are suitable for any event. However, if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers, Rick Owens has some advice. Check the size chart before buying sneakers because they come in different sizes. […]

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Meet Facading: The Producer Taking Over the Norwegian Airwaves

18 November 2022

Dance music is a new wave with a relatively low fan base compared to other sounds, such as hip-hop, in Norway. But fascinating is the innovative and authentic talents emanating from the Norwegian dance music pot. Nikolai Håland, known as Facading, is one of the top talents in Norway, taking over the dance music sphere. He is an innately gifted artist […]

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Rich Fayden Captivates His Listeners With Newest Single “Don’t Be Cruel”

31 October 2022

On first listen most likely will not recognize this classic and this is what makes it so great. The ability to recreate something so iconic yet do so in a way that makes the listener feel as if it is an original is not easily done. The bass hits, followed by a synth that feels […]

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The Bloody Beetroots’ Remix Add A Distorted Intensity To Letdown.’s Latest Single “Empty”

28 October 2022

Big Loud Contents Watch The Music Video Below Who Is Letdown.? Letdown.’s Upcoming Tour Dates Emerging Chicago/Nashville songwriter and vocalist Blake Coddington aka Letdown. has teamed up with the acclaimed electronic act The Bloody Beetroots — the punk rock and comic book-inspired creation of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo that mixes his classical training, his punk […]

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Why Traveling Is The Best Way for a Student to Learn Something New

27 October 2022

Contents Relax and unwind It gets you out of your comfort zone Experience new cultures Create memories Live in the present moment Conclusion School is one of the best places to expand your knowledge in the world of academia. However, when it comes to learning important life lessons, traveling offers an enriching experience.  Whether it’s […]

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The 10 Greatest Songwriters of All Time

25 October 2022

Contents Bob Dylan Max Martin John Lennon Paul McCartney Paul Simon Leonard Cohen Bob Marley Carole King Joni Mitchell Ed Sheeran Few things can achieve such a brilliant effect as well-chosen words. As all writers know, through words you can convey so many things that we cannot even begin to grasp their vastness. If you’ve […]

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Spotlight Release: Dario Nunez and Javi Colina – Paramama

15 October 2022

Something about the iconic sounds of swinging open hi-hats, vocal chants, and more makes house music as timeless as it is. It’s what fans of the genre expect and love.  Dario Nunez and Javi Colina’s latest release, ‘Panama,’ delivers all of these elements in spades and is a crystal clear representation of where house music […]

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15 October 2022

Vlade Kay has performed on some vast stages, allowing him to slowly begin securing his own name and place in the industry. Throughout his career, the singer developed his skills, acquired new talents, and accumulated years of experience through hard work. After “Dynamite” back in August, a clear reflection of an artist who’s not afraid […]

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How To Use Live Captions for Music & Gaming

12 October 2022

Just like any other captioning feature, live captions for music and gaming can be extremely helpful for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. But live captions can also be a great way to follow along with your favorite songs and games while you’re doing other things. Here’s how to use live captions for […]

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Camping is a Great Solution for Summer Holidays for Students

11 October 2022

Free Pik Many adults look back on the summer camps they attended as young students and remember how much fun they were. Just some of the benefits of the camp include developing social skills and self-esteem. What is summer camp?  It’s a camp conducted in the summer season where young people are supervised and can […]

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Ybe K@n5eR Is Fighting Cancer Through Flow And Verse

10 October 2022

Rapping has evolved over the years, not only in terms of music but also from the position of an artist. With the fresh breed of musicians taking the rapping scene to a whole new level with their unconventional approach to conventional genres, they have also moved off of stages to build a brand that the […]

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MKE’s Big Tone WrightSt Brings A Unique Flow To Today’s Rap Game

7 October 2022

As an artist, your primary focus on the come should be consistency and getting better with each release. Every fan is looking to grow with an artist in a sense, and constantly evolving your sound in the early stages will keep them engaged. One artist who has the consistency part down, always releasing new music, […]

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