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5 Submithub Alternatives To Get Your Music On Spotify Playlists And Music Blogs

26 October 2022

Music promotional is essential if you ever want to get out of the garage and catch attention from the masses Contents LISTN.LIVE INDIE MUSIC ACADEMY PARTNERED PROJECTS GROOVER BOOST COLLECTIVE Every day there seem to be more and more ways for artists to promote their music. It can be hard to know who to trust […]

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7 Alternatives To Playlist Push: Our Top Choices For Spotify Playlist Promotion

22 August 2022

Contents Can I Get My Music Promoted On Spotify For Free? Partnered Projects Indie Music Academy Submit Hub Boost Collective Pitch Playlist Groover Omarimc Music promo is a fickle business. You want your fans to discover new music that you release but the best way to make that goal happen isn’t always straightforward. There seem […]

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Going Viral On TikTok: The Impact Of Virality on Artists

16 August 2022

Photo Credit: Chesnot Getty Images Photo Credit: Chesnot Getty Images Photo Credit: Chesnot Getty Images TikTok, the short-form video-sharing social media app, has been around since 2017 in the U.S., but with the start of the pandemic in 2020, the app skyrocketed in popularity. TikTok users, especially musical artists gained recognition and went viral, with […]

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How To Discover The Best Unknown Artists On Spotify

20 July 2022

Contents Best New Artists by Pigeon & Planes  Majestic Casual by Majestic Casual Fresh Finds Africa by Spotify New Music Weekly by Monstercat Best Unknown Songs by Monoq New Artists Discovery by Going Solo Best New Artist by Spotify  New Music Hitlist by triple J Final Thoughts On Discovering Unknown Artists The jury is out. […]

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Chill Spotify Playlist Covers (Dozens Playlist Covers For You To Use Completely For Free)

12 July 2022

Contents How To Use These Chill Spotify Playlist Covers Chill Spotify Playlist Covers Of The Ocean Chill Spotify Playlist Covers Of Animals Chill Spotify Playlist Covers Of Nature Chill Spotify Playlist Covers of Summer Chill Spotify Playlist Covers of Flowers Nothing is cooler than having an awesome playlist picture for your chill Spotify playlist. But […]

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Are Music Genres REALLY Dying?

6 May 2022

“What genre of music do you play?”  As an aspiring musician with ‘genre-fluid’ tastes, it’s a question that can throw you for a loop.  What do you call music that sidesteps the usual musical categories altogether? If it’s hard to label, can you still market it, especially as an independent or emerging musician?  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks […]

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Spotify Updates “Loud & Clear” Website: 52,600 Artist Catalogs Generated $10,000 In 2021

24 March 2022

Loud & Clear Spotify Spotify has updated its “Loud & Clear” website that seeks to offer more transparency on how much rights holders get paid from Spotify. It is important to note with all of these finds that the numbers being thrown around are paid to rights holders, not necessarily the artists themselves. The various […]

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Spotify Launches Loud & Clear Website Detailing Artist Data & Revenue

18 March 2021

Spotify Loud & Clear Spotify Spotify has heard the criticism about transparency loud and clear apparently. The streaming giant has launched a new website titled Loud & Clear that aims to explain how artists get paid and provides examples the payouts to artists at various levels. According to Spotify, they have paid $23 billion in […]

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Musicians Protest Outside Of Spotify Offices Worldwide For Better Pay

16 March 2021

Protest In San Francisco UMAW Musicians, organized by the Union Of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW), yesterday, March 15, staged a protest outside of 31 Spotify offices around the world demanding better pay from the streaming service. The protests are designed to bring attention to the “Justice At Spotify” initiative, which asks for one cent […]

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Spotify HiFi: Lossless Streaming Tier Coming Later In 2021

22 February 2021

Spotify Spotify Spotify this morning had its Spotify “Stream On” digital event where it shared new announcements, updates and products like other tech firms. Among the things that have stood out for music consumers (Spotify is now much larger than a music streaming service, they are an audio company), is that Spotify is set to unveil […]

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