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Steelrising Review: A Soulslike Action Game Set In Steampunk Paris

9 September 2022

Contents What Is Steelrising? Is Steelrising a Soulslike? My First Impressions of Steelrising Final Thoughts On Steelrising Steelrising is a game with lofty ambitions from French developer Spiders. It is a challenging game similar to Dark Souls, where you play as Aegis, a clockwork “automat” who must battle other similar creations in a 1789 steampunky […]

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Why Now Is The Time To Experience Xenoblade Chronicles: Even If You’re New To The Game

30 August 2022

Contents Where should you start in Xenoblade Chronicles? What to expect from Xenoblade’s combat A wild story with endearing characters  TL;DR Xenoblade Chronicles is Anime KOTOR Have you ever looked at something for a far too long while at the grocery store and then didn’t buy it? Well, that’s been my experience with Xenoblade games- […]

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Stray Review: Explore A Post-Apocalyptic World From The Perspective Of A Cat

18 August 2022

Contents The Story Of Stray Explained Cat Life In Stray Stray’s Real World Influences World Building In Stray Gameplay The Game’s Performance Final Thoughts First Impressions Of Stray Stray makes a solid first impression. I was in awe and wonder, laughing out loud and on the verge of tears, all within the opening 45 minutes […]

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Starting The Iron Oath: Early Game Advice For The Mercenary Strategy RPG!

19 July 2022

Contents Spend Your Early Coin Wisely Make Sure Your Tank Can Take A Hit Make Sure Your DPS Is Balanced Final Thoughts On Your First Hours In The Iron Oath The Iron Oath is a turn-based tactical RPG that has you exploring the world, managing an ever-changing group of mercenaries, and negotiating contracts. It gives […]

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The Short Girl’s Guide to Concerts, Shows, and Festivals

11 July 2022

Atikh Bana Contents Do Your Research Getting To The Show Early Choosing the Right Shoes Entering the Venue (Navigating The Tall Dudes) Finding the Right Window Moving Back Your view is half stage, half sweaty backs of necks. Occasionally, you catch glimpses of bassist and guitarist. Maybe the drummer—if you can hold a calf raise. […]

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Rogue Legacy 2 Game Review: A Rich And Rewarding Roguelite RPG

7 July 2022

C/O Rogue Legacy 2 In 2013 the beloved 2D Rogue Legacy was released and was met with mixed reactions from the community. Some found it overly punishing with its short life times and fast ramping difficulty while others found that the addition of a meta progression was enough to offset this. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website […]

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The Iron Oath: 5 Combat Tips for Beginners

4 July 2022

The Iron Oath is picking up a lot of traction on Steam and many players are jumping in for the first time. I think The Iron Oath is a great game for newer players who may not have tried this type of turn based gameplay mechanic. The Iron Oath is also great for beginners who […]

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