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Producer Spotlight: Get The Big Cinematic Percussion You’ve Been Looking For With UJAM’s DRUMS

1 July 2021

Hans Zimmer is a whiz at creating huge percussive elements in his soundtracks, and now you can get some of his collection to help beef up your sound in the latest plugin from UJAM’s Symphonic Elements Series – DRUMS. When paired with UJAM’s STRIIINGS, you have all the tools, and enough presets to start any […]

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Producer Spotlight – UJAM’s Striiiings Puts An Orchestra At Your Command With Ease

19 March 2021

Big sweeping orchestral strings are always something that producers crave, whether you are doing video game scores, epic hip hop or massive builds in your dance tunes – strings are clutch. The trouble is, most producers don’t have extensive music theory knowledge, let alone know how to compose orchestral strings. Ujam once again comes to […]

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