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Studio Gear Guide

Is This The Best Sound Diffuser? A Look Into Audamod’s Acoustic Treatment

21 October 2022

Audamod’s diffusers are truly a work of art for any studio Contents How Do Sound Diffusers Work? Is An Audamod The Best Diffuser? Sound diffusers are often the most underrated form of acoustic treatment, especially by newer producers. And while it can be easy to understand why sometimes, it’s a shame that even I didn’t […]

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5 Devices You Need for Your Own DJ Setup

11 October 2022

Contents Quality Speakers Mixer Turntables or CD Decks Headphones Cables You can make and enjoy music through many avenues, some of which you can turn into a career, such as DJing.  The art of DJing takes skill, practice, and a fantastic setup to succeed. There are many types of gear and devices that every DJ […]

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Best Computer Monitors For Music Production: Every Desktop Screen Worth Having For Your Studio

27 September 2022

Having the proper desktop monitor can make all the difference during late nights in the studio… Contents LG 34WP65C-B HP VH240a ViewSonic VA2855SMH Asus VZ279HE Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27 Acer R240HY While producing hunched over a laptop might work for the casual hobbyist producer, anyone wanting to produce for longer studio sessions will undoubtedly need […]

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The Best MIDI Cables of 2022: The Only Ones You Should Think About Getting For Your Studio

25 August 2022

MIDI cables are one of the music studio’s most commonly used tools. They bring so much to the table and are so quintessential to our workflows as musicians that when they don’t work as intended, our production sessions come to a screeching halt. And between things moving around, wires getting crossed, and simple degradation of […]

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