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Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” Lyric Breakdown and Analysis

13 September 2022

Pooneh Ghana Contents Lyrics to Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” Analysis of Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” Bright horizons, windowless driving, contented laughter, and Dayglow’s “Can I Call You Tonight?” are the four elements essential to any successful summer. And yet, this tune features more conflict than its breezy guitar riffs might indicate. […]

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The Hottest Remixes Of Summer: Luke Alessi Shares His Picks of 2022

12 August 2022

Summer is in full swing, and festival season is upon us, which is the perfect time for popular hits to have new life breathed into them after having already made their way through the attention spans of the masses. This makes summer the age of remixes, and nobody would have a better ear to the […]

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RaeCola’s Favorite Female Producers Who Are Crushing The Underground This Summer

1 August 2022

Contents Kaleena Zanders Uniiqu3 A Hundred Drums Honeyluv Suzi Analogue In a male-dominated industry, music production has had an uproar of amazing female producers shaking up the scene. But with the release of their latest ‘Bezerk’ EP, a two-track volume of tech-house purity,┬áRaeCola wanted to reflect on the sheer number of female DJs and producers […]

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Magnetic’s Gear Guide For Summer and Fall Traveling and Festivals

18 July 2022

Contents Clothing Recommendations Best Festival and Traveling Shoes Stay Charged Up at the Festival Gear and Games for Festival Comfort To-Go Gear Staying Refreshed and Hydrated CBD & Cannabis Products Geared for Festival Fun For those looking for gear to help enhance their camping and festival experiences, here’s a curated list of items I discovered […]

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