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Marky Bergeron Takes Pop and Alternative Music to the Next Level

14 September 2022

In today’s musical landscape, many artists are releasing music similar to what has come before or sounds the same as other bands in their genre.  This can make it hard for listeners to find something fresh and new while hunting for the latest tunes. Luckily, contemporary and flexible artists are emerging and providing answers to […]

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Show Review: THE DRIVER ERA’s 2022 Tour Kicks Off At The Starland Ballroom

11 August 2022

Holly Branco In Sayerville, New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom, the crowd seeing THE DRIVER ERA went wild. And then they went wild again. And then they went wild again. Sometimes, it was expected; beloved band member Ross Lynch might’ve pulled off a surprise breakdance move or announced a fan-favorite song, for example. But sometimes, fervent cheers ensued just […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: Her’s

4 August 2022

Her’s was a Liverpool-based band made up of members Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading. Their dream-pop tracks often featured low vocals softened by glowy guitar loops.  Her’s’ genius shines in this gorgeous performance of hit “What Once Was.” ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website The saddest part of writing about Her’s is having to talk about […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: JAWNY

18 July 2022

C/O Artist JAWNY (A.K.A. Johnny Utah) (A.A.K.A. Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger) cranks out bangers.  His alternative, indie-pop-meets-slacker-rock music is funky, fresh, and vibey. You can’t go wrong putting a JAWNY tune on. In fact, anyone who wants to play JAWNY definitely deserves the aux. JAWNY started guitar at six years old. The San Francisco native began […]

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Festival Preview: 10 Austin Artists You Need To See at SXSW 2022

10 March 2022

6th street in downtown Austin during the South By Southwest Gary Miller/FilmMagic SXSW is back! The festival and conference returns this week, starting on Friday, March 11 and going through Sunday, March 20th. The entire city of Austin, Texas is completely taken over and is a huge staple for the capital of Texas. It first began […]

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15 Best Synth Tracks of April 2021

20 May 2021

It’s time to look back on the synth tracks we missed from April. Indie Discotheque has put together a fantastic collection of synth-heavy songs for you this month! Load these tunes in, turn up your loudest speakers and let’s get that living room dance party going in full swing. Take time to enjoy and explore the […]

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15 Best Synth Tracks of January 2021

17 February 2021

February is here, so that means it’s time to look back to what we missed in both December and January. I like to include both months in the January chart, because December’s releases are so often overlooked. Indie Discotheque has put together a fantastic collection of synth-heavy songs for you this month; queue this up […]

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