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reMarkable 2 Review: The Writing Tablet That Every Producer Needs In Their Studio

9 September 2022

Contents reMarkable 2 Design Using the reMarkable 2 Why Music Producers Need The reMarkable 2 The reMarkable 2 is the best tablet for writing, offering a natural feel that is much closer to using a pencil or pen on paper which is perfect for jotting down notes when you’re producing music. I find it much […]

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How To Find Nightlife And Shows In A City You’ve Never Been To

17 August 2022

Being a tourist and visiting a new city is always exciting, but finding good shows, concerts, and venues to hit while you’re there is often a massive struggle. Why? Because Yelp sucks for nightclubs, blog posts on the topic are often super old, and the cultural pulse of what’s hot and cool is constantly changing. […]

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