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Techno Production

The Best Plugins For Producing Techno: Juheun Shares His Favorite Studio VSTs

14 October 2022

Juheun fine-tunes the synth cuts that add impact and energy to his records. Contents Stream Juheun’s Latest Single Below Kikzilla (ISM – Intelligent Sounds and Music) Thermal (Output) Ozone Imager (iZotope) Auto Pan (Ableton Live) Kick Start 2 (Cableguys) Juheun’s production prowess in the studio has landed him releases on powerhouse labels in the techno scene. […]

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Free Techno Sample Packs: 5k+ Royalty Free Sounds and Loops To Download

30 August 2022

Producing techno is one of the nuanced and complicated dance music genres. A producer has a lot on their plate when approaching sample selection, sound design, and more it can be hard to stand out from the crowd of other producers while also making phenomenal music. But one of the best ways to accomplish this […]

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How It Was Made: Yann Tiersen – 11 5 18 2 5 18

4 July 2022

Contents Breton based artist Yann Tiersen is releasing his newest album 11 5 18 2 5 18, which is set to release on 6/10 via Mute on CD and digital platforms with a vinyl version dropping on September 30. Following the release with fresh tour dates stretching across North America.  Yann has so far released […]

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3 Powerful Reverb Tutorials To Level Up Your Techno Productions

11 June 2022

Adam Beyer Has Defined The Sound Of Modern Techno Contents Creating Atmospheres In Techno Tracks Creating “Dark Lord” Techno Kicks Advanced Techno Basslines Using Reverb There is a reason why techno has slowly been growing to be the world’s most popular genre of dance music. It’s driving beats, pulsating rhythms, and complex sound palettes give […]

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20 Techno Tips: Hannes Bieger’s Ultimate Guide For Music Producers

13 May 2022

Techno has exploded in the production space as the rise in popularity of the genre has expanded on a global scale.  But unlike other genres of dance music; techno is about soul, groove, texture, and detail. These are things many newer producers hardly even know to look for, but come as second nature to artists […]

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