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Liam Mour Shares Emotive 140bpm Banger “Alone”

25 November 2022

Liam Mour has released his new single “Alone” which boasts a raw energy of warming synths, drum machines and a 140 bpm pace which works effortlessly with Noraa’s charismatic vocals. The new single is the third release from Mours forthcoming EP Angel High which is set to be released in the new year. On the single […]

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Seismic Dance Event; Austin’s Boutique House & Techno Music Festival (Event Review)

22 November 2022

Seismic Dance Event 5.0 Clark Terrell Realmusic Events has been putting on top-tier events for over a decade in Austin and one of their best events is Seismic Dance Event. What makes this festival so unique and different is the attention to detail, the thought process, the duration of their bookings, and the community they have […]

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8 November 2022

Steve Gullick Revered producer and composer Daniel Avery today releases his most ambitious and accomplished studio album via Mute for the US and Canada and Phantasy Sound for the rest of the world. Ultra Truth is available in multiple formats: a limited-edition white gatefold vinyl, cassette, and CD, with each format including an exclusive bonus […]

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Paul Kalkbrenner lights up his North American tour

28 October 2022

Spanning two decades as a Techno luminary, Paul Kalkbrenner is no stranger to paving the way. A journeyman DJ and producer hailing from Berlin with a penchant for Detroit-style Techno, Paul Kalkbrenner ties in his accrued knowledge of music theory with hard hitting and melodic tracks.  Paul Kalkbrenner @ Concord Music Hall / photo by […]

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Marc Romboy Debunks Three Myths About Hardware Synths

19 October 2022

Contents Stream The Biggest Systematic Release In 5 Years Below Buy Unknown Hardware Instead Of Popular Synths.  Hardware Is Meant For Recording, Not Programming Create Chains Of Hardware Instead Of Relying On A Single Synth To Make You Sound Unique  Hardware synths can be a new and exciting frontier for newer producers and an obsession […]

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The Best Plugins For Producing Techno: Juheun Shares His Favorite Studio VSTs

14 October 2022

Juheun fine-tunes the synth cuts that add impact and energy to his records. Contents Stream Juheun’s Latest Single Below Kikzilla (ISM – Intelligent Sounds and Music) Thermal (Output) Ozone Imager (iZotope) Auto Pan (Ableton Live) Kick Start 2 (Cableguys) Juheun’s production prowess in the studio has landed him releases on powerhouse labels in the techno scene. […]

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Lights Out Premiere: Oscean – Horizonsz [Tresor]

13 October 2022

Track: HorizonzArtist: OsceanLabel: TresorFormat: Vinyl/DigitalRelease Date: 11-14-22 Oscean comes out firing from the outset on their new 12” entitled Multirays. The Argentinian duo of Andrés Zacco and Sebastián Galante are following up on the first release of their collaboration, Ideoma, also released on Tresor Records. With Multirays, this burgeoning collaboration reveals a promising evolution, moving […]

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Julien Bracht Showcases Berlin Techno on “Rave Flower”

20 September 2022

Berlin’s rising star Julien Bracht has released his new long-awaited and highly anticipated EP “Rave Flower” via System Records.  This four-track EP is a flash from the past for some, with ecstasy-driven moments, euphoria, and thunderous techno rhythms throughout reminding you of that original rave sound that started a revolution. “Rave Flower” is an ode to […]

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The Extended Cut: The Allegorist – The Round Table – Blind Emperor Remix Album

20 September 2022

Early this year, Berlin-based artist The Allegorist came out with her 4th album, Blind Emperor. The layered project used the power of soundscapes to create a detailed fictitious story of a mythical land that trudges through struggles on its way to revelations of prosperity. The protagonist, Blind Emperor, leads the charge into a brighter tomorrow […]

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What you missed at ARC Music Festival 2022: a visual feast for Techno and House Music fanatics

12 September 2022

Derrick Carter b2b with Mark Farina / photo by author “In the beginning, there was Jack…and Jack had a groove….” If you were lucky enough to grow up in Chicago in the 80s and 90s, it meant experiencing the cultural revolution in music that at the time, was unprecedented – the birth of House Music.  […]

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These Influential Labels Have Defined The Sound Of Techno Throughout The Decades

9 September 2022

Contents Stream Cristian Varela’s Latest EP WARP TRESOR AXIS R&S Records PLANET RHYTHM MORD BLACK CODES EXPERIMENTS The history of electronic music holds a special place for this Madrileño artist who has played a crucial role in building the Spanish industry as we know it today. Since 1991, Cristian Varela has been at the heart of […]

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Five Creative Strategies Producers Can Use To Market Themselves Outside Of Social Media

8 September 2022

Artists and producers are often told that growing their TikTok, Instagram, and other social media accounts is the surefire way to break your career as an independent musician. And while that certainly is true, they are by no means the end-all-be-all of music marketing for more minor, undiscovered talent.  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching!Visit Website Every […]

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