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The 1975

Lyrical Breakdown And Analysis Of The 1975’s “All I Need To Hear”

28 September 2022

Samuel Bradley On September 21st, The 1975 dropped “All I Need To Hear”, the fourth single from their upcoming album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language which comes out on October 14th.  The track is a deeply vulnerable and stripped-down song, there are no bells and whistles to it, just emotions and heartfelt lyrics. Now, […]

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Artists Who Sound Like: The 1975

27 September 2022

Brett Lloyd Breaking out into the Alternative/Indie music scene in 2013 with their debut album The 1975, the band of the same name had hits such as “Girls” and “Chocolate”, which took Tumblr by storm. Since then, it’s been nothing but nonstop success for the British group. They’ve had released three other albums since and […]

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Lyrics To “Happiness” By The 1975: A Deep Dive Into The Meaning Behind The Words

8 August 2022

C/O Artist  On August 3rd, The 1975 released their second single, “Happiness,” from their upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language, which comes out October 14th, 2022.  The band released “Part Of The Band” earlier in July and received many mixed reviews, but fans and critics highly anticipated the fifth album from the group.   ADVERTISEMENT […]

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