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The Iron Oath

Starting The Iron Oath: Early Game Advice For The Mercenary Strategy RPG!

19 July 2022

Contents Spend Your Early Coin Wisely Make Sure Your Tank Can Take A Hit Make Sure Your DPS Is Balanced Final Thoughts On Your First Hours In The Iron Oath The Iron Oath is a turn-based tactical RPG that has you exploring the world, managing an ever-changing group of mercenaries, and negotiating contracts. It gives […]

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The Iron Oath: 5 Combat Tips for Beginners

4 July 2022

The Iron Oath is picking up a lot of traction on Steam and many players are jumping in for the first time. I think The Iron Oath is a great game for newer players who may not have tried this type of turn based gameplay mechanic. The Iron Oath is also great for beginners who […]

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The Iron Oath Game Review: A Fantasy Mercenary-Company RPG Set In An Open World

29 June 2022

The world of The Iron Oath is fraught with danger  My 20 hours I’ve clocked in The Iron Oath thus far have been a very refreshing early access experience.  I’ve had only minor bug encounters and no gameplay hiccups while working my way through the tutorial of The Iron Oath, a new turn-based tactical RPG that […]

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