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The Orb’s Alex Patterson Releasing Album With Fil Le Gonidec As OSS

29 July 2021

Alex Patterson John Hollingsworth The Orb’s Alex Patterson is releasing an album with Fil Le Gonidec as OSS titled Enter The Kettle. The band used to be called Orb Sound System, but now is On Sum Shit. The first single from the project “Whippersnapper” is out now. The album is set to be a bit […]

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Ambient Meditations Returns For The Second Half Of Season Two With Special Guest – The Orb

28 May 2021

Our complete podcast series is available on these fine platforms and on Mixcloud + Soundcloud – below at the end of the post is our complete Ambient Meditation Series and Spotify Playlist that is updated weekly: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Acast | TuneIn | Pocket Casts | Breaker | Stitcher Ambient Meditations Season […]

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The Orb Founder Alex Patterson Announces New Label, Album & Book For 2021

12 March 2021

Alex Patterson John Hollingsworth The Orb founder Alex Patterson has announced three new projects coming in 2021. He is launching a label Orbscure Recordings, with the first release being an album by himself and original Orb member Andy Falconer. Then there will a book, Babble on an’ Ting: Alex Paterson’s Incredible Journey Beyond the Ultraworld […]

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