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Ten Trance Labels That Defined The Genre And Shaped The Sound Of Melodic Dance Music

12 September 2022

Contents Black Hole Bonzai BXR EYE Q Hooj Choons MFS Perfecto Platipus Tsunami Vandit Trance – you either love it or hate it.  The sound’s rich combination of melody, harmony, and repetition keeps bringing smiles to people’s faces across the globe – and undoubtedly had a significant influence on future electronic music to come.  ADVERTISEMENT […]

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Free Trance Samples: Thousands Of Percussions, Loops, and FX Sounds For Your Uplifting Productions

7 September 2022

Paul Van Dyk, the living legend of trance music When you’re producing 138bpm trance, the sample selection and sound palette are much different than when you’re producing other genres. You need tight and powerful kick drums, fast-paced drum loops, and FX hits that are larger than life. Love Producing House Music? Snag these 4k+ Free […]

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Premier: Paul Van Dyk, Chris Bekker And Jan Dzialek – Rhapsody

19 August 2022

Few producers in the world that can rival the production chops and melodic prowess in industry heavyweight Paul Van Dyk. Having been apart of the dance music world for decades, he has faced his fair share of adversity and hardship and his music always tells the story of this triumph and inspiration. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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40+ Hours Of Dance Music History: A Comprehensive Library Of Free EDM Documentaries

30 June 2022

Electronic dance music has a vibrant history that has spanned the better part of over four decades. Dance music is a genre of music that is driven by technology, and as genres like techno and house have come of age so has the auxiliary technology used to capture every moment of it. This means fans […]

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Spotlight Artists – Riotron Newest Track “Life Is Worth Living”, Picked Up By The Living Legend Paul Oakenfold

10 June 2022

A huge accomplishment for any electronic music creator, Riotron’s music has already come through the hands of many renowned artists including, Black Caviar, Wuki etc… Since 2020, Riotron has been releasing tracks that are instrument heavy, as he combines jazz, synth, electro and house into these massive melodies. He’s already positioned himself as an easy-to-listen […]

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