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Why Traveling Is The Best Way for a Student to Learn Something New

27 October 2022

Contents Relax and unwind It gets you out of your comfort zone Experience new cultures Create memories Live in the present moment Conclusion School is one of the best places to expand your knowledge in the world of academia. However, when it comes to learning important life lessons, traveling offers an enriching experience.  Whether it’s […]

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Best Countries to Study Music Production

14 October 2022

Music production is one of the most exciting and versatile careers for individuals who love music. Music producers play an important role in composing, recording, arranging, and producing songs that will be distributed for everyone to enjoy.  They are also knowledgeable in the use of software, technology, and other tools during the production process. Music […]

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Iconic backpack brand, Herschel, partners with women-identifying artists to release the most interesting backpack you’ll travel with this year.

27 September 2022

Herschel has long been a leading name in the world of backpacks and travel gear, and their latest announcement is certainly something you should keep watch for.  As a continuation of their Nova Art Project series, which partnered with women-identifying artists who each create two exclusive designs that are featured on the brand’s signature Herschel Nova […]

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Motorcycle Tune-Up Tips to Avoid Road Accidents

8 September 2022

Whenever you’re on a motorcycle, the last thing you want is to end up in an accident. But did you know there are some simple tune-up tips you can follow to help prevent accidents from happening in the first place? Before hitting the road with your motorcycle, be sure to follow the following tips we’ve […]

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How To Find Nightlife And Shows In A City You’ve Never Been To

17 August 2022

Being a tourist and visiting a new city is always exciting, but finding good shows, concerts, and venues to hit while you’re there is often a massive struggle. Why? Because Yelp sucks for nightclubs, blog posts on the topic are often super old, and the cultural pulse of what’s hot and cool is constantly changing. […]

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10 Best Tips For Your Next Solo Long-Distance Motorcycle Ride

9 August 2022

Contents How Do You Ride A Motorcycle For Long Distance? What Are The Best Tips For Planning A Long Distance Motorcycle Ride? Best Type Of Motorcycle For Long Distance Final Words If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of freedom you get from hitting the open road on two wheels. A […]

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New Series: Nomad 2.0 – RV Life On The Road

12 May 2021

ABOUT YOUR DRIVERS Before we hit the pavement, allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Vivian Belzaguy Hunter, best known for my love of the earth, travel and electronic music, three passions I combined into a career of sustainability consulting for music festivals around the world. I’ve written for and been featured on Magnetic Magazine’s Sustainability […]

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Interview: Activist Juan Espinoza on Radical Self-Care and Social Justice

17 February 2021

For our latest Destination Travel Guide To California’s High Desert, we at Magnetic head out West to the desert cities with our guest, cultural producer and activist Juan Espinoza. Read on for an in-depth interview to meet our featured guest!  A local native born and raised in the Coachella Valley, Juan Espinoza shares some local […]

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