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Cannabis Reviews – Kin Slip Sublingual Strips, Mistifi Vape Pen, and Stone Road Pre Roll

19 August 2021

As Cannabis slowly but surely becomes recreationally legal across more states, we see some fantastic premium brands emerge with various products and formats. Did you ever think you would be able to buy a cannabis-infused sublingual strip that melts in your mouth? We got the chance to sample three such products from Kin Slip, Mistifi, […]

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Spotlight: The Firefly 2+ – Ultimate Portable Weed Vaporizer

8 April 2021

Firefly Vaporizer Firefly Portable dry herb vaporizers are a popular means of enjoying cannabis because they offer a convenient and efficient way to get the effects of THC without combusting plant matter, creating a smoother and often more enjoyable overall experience. Portable vaporizers vaporize weed at lower temperatures, often just enough to activate the cannabinoids […]

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