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No Place For Bravery Review: A Brutal Pixel Art Action-RPG

21 September 2022

Surviving in the pixilated world isn’t as easy as it looks… Contents A Brutal Revenge Tale: No Place For Bravery’s Story The World of No Place For Bravery Combat in No Place For Bravery  Final Thoughts No Place For Bravery’s strengths lies in its rich story, challenging combat, and beautiful art style.  I often found […]

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Metal: Hellsinger Review: A Rhythm FPS Backed by a Killer Metal Soundtrack

15 September 2022

Metal: Hellsinger is rad. This mashup of DOOM and rhythm game makes for engaging, tense, frenetic combat set to a roaring original soundtrack. Even though it doesn’t manage to stick around long enough, it should not be missed by shooter or metal fans alike. You take on the role of The Unknown as you battle […]

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How Barry Topping Moved From Touring To Composing Music For The Game Sentry

8 August 2022

Sentry is an upcoming action-defense first-person shooter being developed by Fireblade Software. The player(s) can utilize turrets, environmental destruction, or traps to defend their spaceship against waves of relentless aliens through a dynamic single-player or co-op campaign.  Barry Topping (aka Epoch), the composer for Sentry, is based out of Scotland and has been in the […]

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