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COD Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Review: A Thrilling Shooter Just Shy of Greatness

27 October 2022

Contents Graphics & Audio Gameplay & Gunplay MW2’s Mission Design: Nostalgia is Powerful Final Thoughts “War isn’t about friends, it’s about enemies.”  One of my favorite quotes from the high-octane campaign of this year’s Call of Duty. It rings true in the story, but only partially for the game itself. You’ll be (re)introduced to many […]

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Sunday Gold: Tips And Tricks For The Best Minigames In Dystopian London

13 October 2022

Let’s get to work and get the loot. It’s not easy being a hacker, locksmith, and weight lifting champion all at the same time. Your time in the London underground will be full of obstacles that will be in your way, but fear not, with these hints you won’t even have to save scum your […]

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Manor Lords Demo Review: An Amazing Medieval City Builder And RTS Hybrid

5 October 2022

Contents Is Manor Lords Worth The Wait? Medieval Gameplay In Manor Lords Citybuilding In Manor Lords The Change of Seasons Final Thoughts On Manor Lords It was the summer of 2020 during lockdown when a friend of mine texted me a link to an announcement trailer for this game called Manor Lords.  What I saw […]

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We Interviewed the Developer Of Company of Heroes 3 At PAX West 2022: Here’s What We Learned

20 September 2022

There was something special about this year’s PAX West event, where gamers and developers join forces in Seattle for a four-day celebration of video games.  For the first time since 2019, we’ve finally seen a return to form in a post-pandemic world. The showroom floor was packed with developers from around the globe showcasing the […]

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The Wandering Village Review: An Engaging City-Builder That Stands On The Shoulders Of Giants

12 September 2022

Contents My First 30 Minutes In The Wandering Village The Wandering Village Gameplay  User Interface Of The Wandering Village Final Thoughts You lead your tribe on foot. Wandering helplessly across a world in decay as supplies and hope dwindles.  You have no home or shelter. In front of you, the ground shakes, and before your […]

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Sunday Gold Review: A Point-A-Click RPG Set In Dystopian London

12 September 2022

Contents Life In The Slums: Sunday Gold’s Aesthetics Exploring The World Of Gold Sunday Sunday Gold Gameplay Voice Acting In Gold Sunday What I Didn’t Like About Gold Sunday Final Thoughts Your name is Frank; a too old for this, bloodshot-eyed, mohawk-wearing, cigar-chomping asshole living in the dystopian noir hell hole streets of London. You […]

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Steelrising Review: A Soulslike Action Game Set In Steampunk Paris

9 September 2022

Contents What Is Steelrising? Is Steelrising a Soulslike? My First Impressions of Steelrising Final Thoughts On Steelrising Steelrising is a game with lofty ambitions from French developer Spiders. It is a challenging game similar to Dark Souls, where you play as Aegis, a clockwork “automat” who must battle other similar creations in a 1789 steampunky […]

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Stray Review: Explore A Post-Apocalyptic World From The Perspective Of A Cat

18 August 2022

Contents The Story Of Stray Explained Cat Life In Stray Stray’s Real World Influences World Building In Stray Gameplay The Game’s Performance Final Thoughts First Impressions Of Stray Stray makes a solid first impression. I was in awe and wonder, laughing out loud and on the verge of tears, all within the opening 45 minutes […]

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