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PAX West 2022: Five Favorite Games That Stole The Show At This Year’s Convention

22 September 2022

Contents System Shock Company of Heroes 3 Lies Of P No Place For Bravery Baldur’s Gate 3 Honorable Mentions PAX West 2022 was a return to form for the convention. After one year completely off (2020) and a year that was very much feeling the effects of the pandemic (2021), 2022 saw the return of […]

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No Place For Bravery Review: A Brutal Pixel Art Action-RPG

21 September 2022

Surviving in the pixilated world isn’t as easy as it looks… Contents A Brutal Revenge Tale: No Place For Bravery’s Story The World of No Place For Bravery Combat in No Place For Bravery  Final Thoughts No Place For Bravery’s strengths lies in its rich story, challenging combat, and beautiful art style.  I often found […]

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Metal: Hellsinger Review: A Rhythm FPS Backed by a Killer Metal Soundtrack

15 September 2022

Metal: Hellsinger is rad. This mashup of DOOM and rhythm game makes for engaging, tense, frenetic combat set to a roaring original soundtrack. Even though it doesn’t manage to stick around long enough, it should not be missed by shooter or metal fans alike. You take on the role of The Unknown as you battle […]

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The Fire Giant In Elden Ring: Learn How To Defeat Him In this Elden Ring Boss Guide

9 September 2022

Contents Where Is The Fire Giant Boss? Fighting The Fire Giant Boss Elden Ring boasts an impressive 165 bosses for players to battle, many of whom are weak and repetitive, but a select few will give even the most tested players a run for their money. This is potentially the highest number of bosses in […]

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Where Elden Ring Takes Place: What You’re Missing About The Lands Between

17 May 2022

The world of Elden Ring is a vast land full of hidden caves, massive castles, and unique landmarks that draw the player into an epic adventure that becomes more complex as they continue. The origin of this setting has inspired many more questions than answers but we will be taking a deep dive into the […]

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Top 7 Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Complete Overview

15 April 2022

Contents 1. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Builds 2. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Elden Bling 3. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Bosses Ranked 4. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Summons 5. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Lore 6. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best Memes Elden Ring Spoiler Alert!!! 7. Elden Ring Reddit Posts: Best […]

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