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The Best Portable Turntables: 8 Record Players That Let You Listen To Vinyl On The Go

1 November 2022

Victrola’s Re-Spin is just small enough to be taken on the go, but it’s not the only option on the market… Victrola Contents Victrola Re-Spin Numark PT0-1 Stokyo Popsky Vintage-Style Turntable Victrola Revolution Go Numark PT0-1 Scratch Feir Vinyl Stereo Record Player Reloop SPIN portable As vinyl has continued its meteoric rise in renewed popularity, […]

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Topo Chico Will Debut Their First-Ever EP Supporting Indie Artists

1 November 2022

In today’s music industry, it is either feast or famine and none are left with an empty plate more often than independent artists. But as the lifeblood of music culture globally, there can never be enough initiatives to support the smaller acts on which the industry is based upon. This is why Topo Chico is […]

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Crosley C62B Shelf System Review: A Budget Record Player Bundle That Lives Up To The Crosley Name

12 October 2022

Contents What I Liked About The Crosley C62B What I Wasn’t Crazy About With This Turntable Specs On The Crosley C62b Are Crosley Turntables Any Good? Crosley is a household name in the world of vinyl record players. Their myriad line of different options and designs offers a little something of everything to any would-be […]

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House Of Marley Stir It Up Turntable Review: A Budget Turntable For Any Music Fan

4 October 2022

House Of Marley Contents Key Features Of The House Of Marley Stir It Up Turntable What I Liked About The House Of Marley Stir It Up Turntable What I Wasn’t Crazy About House Of Marley Stir It Up Turntable Specs Final Thoughts Since 2012, House of Marley has been creating audio products with an eco-friendly […]

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The Buddha Board Review: The Perfect Way To End Stress And Elevate Creativity

30 August 2022

With today’s nonstop flow of stress, it’s nice to find something to do that will relax you and inspire your creativity. Too often, we stare into our digital devices or endlessly scroll Netflix options only to achieve the equivalent of putting your brain in the microwave.  No salvation, just a dull state of preoccupation that […]

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Eli Escobar’s Top 9 Vinyl Records You Need To Hear Right Now

31 May 2022

Eli Escobar is a New York City legend building his career over the past decade hosting the Big Apple’s hottest parties and nurturingthe city’s vibrant pool of talent. He has built his sound on diverse taste that is a culmination of all of his musical influences; including hip-hop to dance and electro.  ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for […]

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David Hohme Talks About Pressing His Flagship Yearly Mix To Vinyl

24 May 2022

David Hohme’s yearly Where My Hearts Is is finally here!  This is the fourth volume of David’s flagship release on his label: Where The Heart Is Records and showcases the best, most exciting tracks set to release over the coming year. Purchase Your Limited Vinyl Here 👈 The mix features unreleased music from industry veterans such […]

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Destructo’s Top 7 Vinyl Tracks To Listen To Right Now

13 May 2022

With the weather warming and the industry reawakening, the amount of quality vinyl is being released is at an all time high. So much so, that we have a hard time keeping up with all of the music to recommend to you.  So to help with some of the heavy lifting, we brought in the […]

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Discogs Announces Independent Record Store Month Coming In June

11 May 2022

As a part of its mission statement to connect music lovers to record sellers and highlight their importance, Discogs has announced a new annual Independent Record Store Month launching in June 2022. Discogs describes the event as:  “a series of virtual events connecting music fans to independent record stores across the globe and recognizing the […]

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Mac Miller’s 2012 Mixtape ‘Macadelic’ Gets 10-Year Anniversary Vinyl Release

23 March 2022

Mac Miller Rex Arrow Mac Miller’s estate has released a 10-year anniversary deluxe vinyl release of Mac’s 2012 mixtape Macadelic. The vinyl arrives with an embossed cover, 3-color segment LPs and 11×17 poster. This is the first ever vinyl release of the mixtape. To go with the vinyl, Miller’s estate has released a commemorative video […]

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Digging In With UK DJ ABSOLUTE.

11 March 2022

ABSOLUTE. Photo by Ben de Ayora Digging for vinyl has always been a true music discovery experience and as the hobby continues to explode with a wave of new gen-z consumers, you just never know when there might be a moment to score some new records. Last weekend while attending CRSSD in San Diego, we […]

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Record Store Day Reveals April & June 2022 Exclusive Vinyl Drops

16 February 2022

Get digging via Discogs Record Store Day has announced the list of exclusive releases for its spring edition. Record Store Day will take place on April 23. Understanding the situation with the global vinyl backlog, they have a “safety net” date of June 18 for vinyl that may get delayed. The June date will have […]

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