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Vocal Recording

How To Write Catchy Vocals: Brando Shares His Secrets To Writing Hooks That Stay With You

2 December 2022

Contents Why is writing a catchy hook so hard? How can you tell when you’ve written a catchy vocal? When in the creative process should you start writing vocal sections? Where do you start writing a vocal to get the catchiest results? What are your main four strategies for creating a catch vocal melody? Full […]

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DPA 2028 Vocal Mic Review: A Supercardioid Condenser Mic For Singers and Performers

9 November 2022

Contents What Is The DPA 2028 Vocal Mic? Best Features Of The DPA 2028 Vocal Mic What I Wasn’t That Crazy About Specs On The DPA 2028 Vocal Mic Choosing the right vocal mic can be difficult, as every singer and performer needs something different. This is doubly so when it comes to living performance microphones […]

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lau.ra Shares Her Tips On Landing A Featured Vocal On A Dance Track

27 October 2022

Contents Stream ‘Burnt Letters’ By lau.ra Below 1. Be a good singer  2. Be able to record and produce your own vocals professionally  3. Be flexible 4. Ask for a demo fee 5. Always ask for final approval  While vocalists have never been more in demand by producers, vying for vocal placements in the dance […]

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